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   Chapter 380 Night of Decision (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6658

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The place was unfamiliar, she had never been here before. But unlike the last time she got lost, Molly wasn't afraid. She hesitated, her mind was torn between returning back and walking on aimlessly. There was nothing in that place for her, but her mind was holding her back. The image of a man flashed through her mind: Brian. It was only the thought of him that was keeping her from escaping from that place for good. She couldn't just imagine how furious and anxious he would be once he found out that she's not at the hospital. She could even picture his deep, steady eyes darkening with worry. Taking a deep sigh, she turned around and walked back, retracing the steps back to the hospital.

She hadn't walked far when a black Lexus suddenly pulled over beside her. Frowning, she wondered who could it be. She didn't expect to encounter any acquaintance in this unfamiliar place. She hoped it was just a stranger looking for directions because she didn't really want to see anybody in the state she was in. Molly gasped as the car window rolled down to reveal Jenifer's face. The one person she disliked most on this earth, Jenifer. 'What on earth is she doing here at this hour? It can't be a coincidence...' she thought, frowning.

Jenifer was enchanting and full of vitality, but her heart was filled with hate and animosity towards Molly. In her eyes, Molly was a weakling and a complete sham. She could only feel contempt whenever she saw her. Tonight, looking at her haggard face and fluffy eyes, she felt a certain satisfaction in her heart at her obvious suffering. She always thought that it was because of Molly's weakness and air of fragility that made Edgar instinctively protective of her and indulgent to her every whim. It was because of Molly that Edgar had neglected her and ignored her presence as if she didn't exist.

Seeing it was Jenifer in the car, Molly frowned suspiciously. She had neither the interest nor mood to confront her, especially in her present state

seat and closed the door violently. Jenifer smirked in satisfaction before putting the car in motion.

They drove around in angry silence. Molly sat stiffly, she was caught between worrying about her brother and cursing Jenifer. She had no idea where she had taken Daniel. Looking out of the window, Molly noticed that they were still in the same vicinity. It seemed that Jenifer was just driving around in circles. Molly looked up at Jenifer suspiciously, "Jenifer, tell me, what exactly are you plotting about?" Jenifer cast a sideways glance at Molly. "How is Brian doing lately?" she asked conversationally.

"Brian? What does he have to do with this?" Molly asked her coldly. Without taking her eyes from the road, Jenifer said, "You want Daniel alive." She threw a ruthless glance at Moly before continuing, "My request is very simple. As long as you bring Brian to the place I will appoint tomorrow, we will set your brother free, otherwise… I cannot promise that you will see him again. You know me. I'm short tempered when I'm crossed. It's all up to you. Save him or not, the choice is in your hands." Jenifer's eyes were brutal as she looked at Molly. For a moment she looked demented and bloodthirsty. "You would never expect what we would do to him if you fail to do what I asked!" she said in a sinister voice.

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