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   Chapter 379 Night of Decision (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6778

Updated: 2019-03-18 00:02

"Ruby," Becky spat, staring into Molly's eyes with undisguised repulsion.

She had always been strong-willed and domineering.

"You just confirmed what I said before. You're no better than a whore, aren't you? You really took after your mother, you both like enticing men who are already in relationships and destroying their families. You're shameless! Isn't it enough that your mom stole my mom's happiness? Why did you have to destroy my happiness too? Tell me, what sin did we commit to you and your mom in the previous life that you have to make us suffer a lifetime of unhappiness?" Becky asked shrilly, her furious voice directed at Molly.

Shrinking back in fear, Molly stared at Becky's almost demonic face. Looking at Becky's face full of rage and malice, she suddenly remembered the face in her recurring nightmare. Painful childhood memories exploded in her head. Memories that she had buried deep in the recesses of her mind surfaced, making her whole body shiver. Slowly, the fragments of her childhood memories started to gather together, the cruel memories almost made her writhe in agony. She felt as if her whole world had been turned upside down. The explosion of unwanted childhood memories in her head almost made her faint.

Becky strode menacingly towards Molly. Wide-eyed and trembling, Molly retreated backward. Knowing that Molly was the biggest obstacle between herself and Brian ignited Becky's fury. Gnashing her teeth, she turned the full force of her anger at Molly. "Ruby, you and your mom are unscrupulously fond of stealing other women's men, aren't you? You don't care if you're just a means of warming up their beds. It doesn't matter if you're just a toy for them, to play with whenever and however they like. How can you be so shameless? Don't you have even a tiny bit of self-respect?"

"Stop it!" A switch seemed to turn on inside Molly. Her whole body trembled in indignation at Becky's accusations. In just a few days, she had sustained enough stress to last her a lifetime. A des

being noticed.

To her relief, there was no one outside. She continued walking aimlessly along the street. Her mind was in turmoil and she just followed her feet. She had no idea where she was going, she just wanted to get as far away as possible. She wished she could leave everything behind just by putting a great distance between them. But no amount of physical distance could separate her from the painful memories of her past. Walking fast, without any destination in her mind was a recipe for disaster. But Molly's only concern was to escape. She was numb to the pain coming from her sore feet. The sun was already setting down and the warm glow of dusk is scattering around her, yet Molly kept on walking.

The streets were gradually emptying as the people went to their homes after a long day's work. The chill of the late afternoon intensified with the absence of the sun's warmth, making Molly shiver unconsciously.

She had no idea how far she had walked and how long, but she gradually started feeling the soreness from her feet. Her tears had already dried up, leaving her eyes swollen and puffy that it hurt when she blinked. All her physical discomforts meant little to her compared to the anguish in her heart. Looking around, she smiled at herself mockingly. How could hovering in the street would help her escape from her pain?

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