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   Chapter 377 Sharon's Sudden Death (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6854

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"This is my life!" Molly snorted. "I eat at street stands, and I'm satisfied with any food that can fill my stomach!"

He was taken aback by her sudden outburst. But Brian seemed oblivious to the underlying meaning behind the words. They belonged to different worlds. She could never catch up with him, and he would never pause to wait for her. At the back of her mind, she knew Brian and Becky were perfect for each other. But her arrival strained their relationship. What was worse was that Molly knew she would have to leave Brian sooner or later.

How could Brian not know what she was trying to tell him? In the beginning, he only felt some reluctance in letting her go and didn't understand why. Now, Brian was sure he really didn't want to let Molly go.

He was still also trying to figure out what Becky and Molly meant to him. Inhaling deeply, Brian was starting to feel in his heart that Molly had captivated him. He was thinking this was perhaps what Wing was trying to tell him. Wing said he had fallen in love with a vulnerable woman who had a tendency to selectively avoid certain things. And the woman was someone who might eventually cause him a great deal of trouble.

Gazing deeply into Molly's eyes, Brian said, "Molly, have you ever tried living with only wild fruits to sustain you for months?" It was a strange question that had Molly raise her eyebrows in confusion.

She waited for Brian to continue.

"People have different pursuits at different times of their lives. It's not that they can't adapt to a variety of circumstances," Brian said cryptically. He didn't really care if Molly understood what he was trying to tell her, so he took her by the hand so they could walk side by side.

When they stopped in front of the car, that was the only time Molly realized that Tony was already there waiting for them.

"To the hospital," Brian ordered. She noted his tone of indifference but did not say a word.

"Okay!" Tony responded. He glanced at his passengers in the back seat through the rear-view mirror and

re that so closely resembled Richie's. Both were arrogant and indifferent. She took a deep breath and muttered to herself, "Don't hurt Molly anymore. I don't want you to experience the same miserable love between Richie and Shirley."

But Wing's brother knew nothing about her thoughts. Brian didn't even know that Richie and Shirley had to endure so many miserable and sad years. Since he was quite young at that time. Brian only saw Richie showering Shirley with endless affection. And that helped shape his view about love. He was determined to fight for his love. But once they settled down, Brian learned that love was not enough. People's hearts changed over time. And it was this feeling that had him in a dilemma. Brian didn't know how to face Becky now.

His hand lay on the door handle, but he paused. Looking through the window blinds, Brian saw Becky sitting in the enclosed balcony. He bit his lip and finally mustered courage before pushing the door open.

Hearing the door open, Becky knew someone had come in. But she didn't move or speak. It was not until Brian stood beside her that she pursed her lips and said reluctantly, "You… you came back."

"Yes," Brian replied. He sat down beside Becky and inspected the bruise on her forehead. Frowning, Brian said, "Wing told me that you fell down." She was about to touch her bruise but stopped.

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