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   Chapter 376 Sharon's Sudden Death (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7041

Updated: 2019-03-17 11:02

"Becky, you have a sister," Rory said.

He waited for some reaction. "Do you remember Ruby?"

As memories flashed through her mind, Becky momentarily forgot she was crying. She was lost in thought for a minute before she said in grief, "But Daddy, didn't Mom say that she was not really my sister?"

"The DNA result your mother showed us was fake. She never really took any sample from Ruby for a DNA test. She just made it up to drive Ruby and her mother away." There was a brief spark of anger at the mention of this. But Rory did his best to hide the displeasure in his tone from Becky, who in her state would sense it easily. "Ruby is your half-sister," he told Becky.

He was extremely drunk that night. Rory remembered waking up the next morning with Sharon lying next to him in bed. His most vivid memory was the red stain that stood out in stark contrast to the white bed sheet. He was nonplussed. After he realized what happened that night, Rory had no choice but to marry Sharon.

After they got married, he became the responsible husband and took good care of Sharon. It was not until Ruby's birth that Rory began to entertain other ideas in his head. And when Donna later showed him the DNA report, he was furious and drove Sharon out of their house. Their marriage ended, and the two never saw each other again. It was only by accident that Rory heard that Sharon had married Steven, who treated Ruby like his own daughter. At that time, Rory truly believed Steven was Ruby's biological father.

It was not until recently when Rory found out the truth about the DNA test result that he realized Ruby could really be his biological child. Sharon was a virgin when they spent the night together. He was quite sure of this, although he was dead drunk and didn't remember anything that night.

"Then where is Ruby now?" Becky asked nervously. He shut his eyes for a moment before replying.

"She's in A City." If Ruby's retina were an actual match with Becky's, he would beg her to give it to her sister. In return, Rory would accept Ruby as his daughter, treat her well and give her a

on eating. "I'm just too hungry. Besides, it's very cheap despite the huge servings."

Her answer was so unexpected that Brian could not help but raise his brows. He actually thought the noodles were delicious which was why Molly was eating so much, but only to learn that she devoured the food because the noodles there were cheap.

She ignored Brian and ate all the noodles she ordered for herself. After finishing her food, Molly wiped her mouth clean and patted her belly. Satisfied that she was full, the girl got up and walked towards the owner of the stand. Molly pulled out money from her pocket and paid for the food. She turned around to see Brian about to bring his wallet out and calmly told him. "It's my treat today." She glanced at the uneaten bowl of noodles. "Although you didn't eat yours."

Her remark slightly embarrassed him, and his face darkened. But Molly didn't care. She left the noodle stand and started walking towards the hospital.

"Molly, stop!" Brian called out impatiently.

His tone was so icy Molly felt as if a gust of cold wind swept over her face. Instinctively she stopped and bit her lip.

Brian quickened his steps to catch up with her. He was annoyed with Molly's behavior, but seeing her red and swollen face, he refrained from addressing her angrily. Instead, he masked his emotions and appeared calm. His eyes, though, still had that fierce look.

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