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   Chapter 375 The Game Unfolding (Part Two)

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That certainly had crossed his mind. "For now, it is best to let him be. Dragon Island isn't some ordinary place. It is a damn political warzone and we may only get in the way. At the meantime, we wait and when an opportunity comes, we strike." he said after a few moments of contemplating.

Understanding, Jona agreed and was about to say when Justin's phone rang.

He gestured for him to wait as he took the call.

"Mr. Yan, I've sent you the detailed information.", a female's heavy voice answered from another line.

"The next action will be on your judgment." she added.

This brought a smirk on his face as he answered, "Indeed, you are truly an elite of the team, Jenifer.

Your performance is truly unmatched. Your delivery of complete and detailed information in such a short period of time is so amazing. Because of that, you deserve a bigger standing." "Mr. Yan, we're partners. We take what we need. Your praise is irrelevant." Jenifer said, her voice was cold and aloof.

"I'll wait for the good news."


He hung up and gestured for Jona to come, "Jenifer had sent her plan. You do what it suggests.

However, we need to make changes for our strategy for Steven."

An evil gleam graced his face, contorting a dark aura on him.


VIP Ward, Private Hospital of Dragon Empire Group

Since she came from the restaurant, Becky remained quiet mainly because she had no reason.

Wing glanced at Eric and sighed. After a while, she shook her head, waving her thoughts away and left the ward as Eric followed.

"Wing, do you know where Little Molly and Brian went?", he caught up with her.

She turned to him and answered, "No, I didn't see them when I came back."

Upon seeing a nearby bench in the corridor, she walked to it and sat. Eric trailed after her and sat, maintaining a good distance in between. She started, "Eric, what's the real score between the three of you?"

"What do you mean?"

Remembering his talk with his brother, Eric broke into a playful smile and said, "Isn't it obvious? I've decided to leave Becky and pursue Little Molly."


Confusion crossed her eyes as she narrowed her gaze. "You seem to like whatever Brian likes, especially when it comes to women.

First, it's Becky. Now, it's Molly."

A smile, half meeting his eyes, plastered on his face to conceal his emotions.

"Do you mean Brian loves Little Molly?", his voice w

eet with Harrow, the Head of the EMP to cooperate. The partnership would pave a way to resolve the problems in M City.

As he enjoyed the silence while reading the project plan, his phone rang, reflecting Becky's number. He was about to accept the call when a far-away understanding crossed his mind. This made the smile disappear on his face as he turned serious. "What's the matter, Becky?"

"Dad, I need my vision back. I want to see everyone and everything."

She cried when she heard his voice.

A search for a donor for retina is long and hard journey. Even the powerful Mr. Brian Long couldn't find one, much less him.

He adored and loved his daughter. As long as she remained with Mr. Brian Long, she will lead a fruitful life even when she couldn't see, "I will try my best."

With a soothing voice, Becky calmed as he continued, "Don't cry, love. How about we go out and grab some food?" "It's no use if we can even find a donor."

Becky reasoned and sighed, "We already have found a lot of donors. But they do not match!

Elias said the greatest donor should be a sibling, but I don't have any.

"I am going blind and I'll never be able to see anything anymore. This will make Brian leave. Can't you see that I'm in great despair?! Do you even understand me?"

His ears almost missed the words she uttered as he grieved for his daughter's pain,. "What did you say?" he asked in shock.

"It would match if the donor is your sibling?" No one answered on the other line as the cries continued."Becky, you have a sister," Rory added hurriedly, "You remember Ruby? She is your sister."

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