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   Chapter 374 The Game Unfolding (Part One)

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"Brian," Molly called his attention, skepticism apparent in her tone.

"Is it true that you haven't pursued a woman before?

Am I right?"

She spoke with her eyes wide and alert, her head slightly slanting to the side as she gazed at him.

Brian's attractive profile made her smile, a warm caress?akin to the sunlight that she welcomed.

He was angry at first but seeing her smile gave him relief. Slowly, he took a few steps towards her and helped her put the jacket on. "Aren't you assuming?too much about it?"

"What other choice do I have, anyway?" she asked, freezing at his words.

"Indeed," Brian replied as he glanced at her, looking calm and collected.

Molly agreed at once.

There was a momentary pause between them as she pondered about it, making her frown.

"I don't need you to follow me because I told you before I'm not going leave. Don't you realize?it's weird for a big hotshot guy following an odd girl like me?" she asked, licking her parched lips after.

"No," came his quick reply.

His gaze went down to his wrist, specifically on the teeth mark Molly had inflicted on him.

The bite was strong. It almost seemed?like she had put all her strength into it. It was still raw and torn. He might need to stitch the gaping wound.

And yet, the expression he had was far from being in pain.

'A meek woman like Molly could sometimes bare her teeth, ' he thought, smiling to himself.

As she glanced at him, Molly noted the unusual expression on his face. When she followed?his gaze, her heart was suddenly filled with regret and fear. The angry wound she made looked painful and disgusting.

"You may not be the first woman I'd chased but you certainly be the first to bite me," he said, looking at her.

Shocked, Molly moved a meter as she stared with guilt, stuttering with her words.

"I... I…It's your fault! You should've let me go."

"Are you saying I deserve this bite?"

He asked as he stared at her with a raised brow.

Embarrassed, she pursed her lip and nodded. Her?voice was almost like a whisper when she spoke.

"You should leave me be.

I mean what I said. It isn't my fault.

Can't you see that?"

Without a notice, Molly shrieked in shock as Brian moved towards her.

"My goodness, Brian!

What are you doing?!"

As she kept moving, she didn't notice that she was almost at the edge of her seat. The next thing she felt was the hard bump on her butt. She moaned, her face dist

the sight of Steven's melancholy, Justin patted his shoulder in comfort as he expressed, "There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. When you and Sharon sort things out in Dragon Island, come to B City. It's time for you to think about the future, after all, Molly and Daniel have both grown up." A small smile graced his face and Steven nodded before he left.

After seeing Steven left, Jona walked inside to see Justin reading newspaper leisurely on his seat, In a formal tone, she asked, "Vice President, did he come to say his goodbyes?"

Looking over the newspaper, Justin smiled and acknowledged, "Yes.

And, some interesting issues needed to be faced."

'The circumstance between Rory and Sharon was believed as a result of a drunken mistake.

It may also be of Rory's compulsion or Sharon's seduction but what is done is done and the case remained a mystery.

Rory must marry her as a consequence of their act and loss of Sharon's innocence. With that, she must free Steven.

A sudden twist happened shortly after they got married, she was pregnant but the child was not recognized as Rory's.

Now, Rory wants to recognize Molly as his daughter. Even Steven confirms this.' Justin thought to himself, confused. "Did Donna falsify the report to push Sharon out or..." he figured, his eyes narrowing at the sudden thought.

The idea was too complicated to spot what went amiss.

"Vice President?"

"Vice President?", a voice called.

"Yes?" he answered, a bit dazed.

Justin turned to see who was speaking and Jona's worried face came into his view.

"Vice President, should we track Steven?" Jona suggested.

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