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   Chapter 373 The Pursuit of His Heart (Part Six)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 4514

Updated: 2019-03-16 07:29

"You know, if only we could put all things on the table without any war, there could be a hope of fixing everything at once. Otherwise, there is no meaning of talking about Molly's happiness, do you understand?" he continued with a striking tone.

Even before Edgar could give his answer, Steven already went out of the room.

It was a gloomy and cloudy day, as if the rain would fall at any minute. Steven walked along the streets, his mind was as heavy and dark as the clouds.

His thought went on with him fully understanding that he's not Molly's biological father. But after so many years of raising her and living together with her, he had already treated her like his own in the deepest part of his heart.

All these years, he kept blaming himself for not protecting Sharon from the incident which made Molly come into life. He could not blame her loathing Molly, seeing her as the outcome of her own humiliation. But to him, he should never ever detest her. He had always been under the impression that it was his responsibility to take after her, protect her.

It was after he met Brian that this idea appealed to him, gradually forming in his mind as a resolution. 'There might be hope, ' he thought. So he started his plan, a long-term and elaborate plan. He made himself into a bad person. He pretended to be addicted to alcohol and

, as if Spark himself was just sitting there, playing for her. Her tension and stress slowly faded away and dissolved into nothingness. She was calm and at ease now.

Finally being at ease, she didn't notice Brian was standing behind her. He had followed her all the way down to the park. At that moment, his face was tensed and unappealing. He was angry and bewildered at the same time. He had never been like this before. He was so out of his mind and out of his consciousness, only following after a girl, only thinking about a girl, as if he had been placed under a curse. He was also angry how his mind was completely filled by her, but it seemed like he was of no importance to her at all.

After finally noticing him," Brian," suddenly came Molly's voice. Brian recoiled instinctively at the calling of his name. "You have never followed after a girl this far away, have you?" she asked.

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