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   Chapter 372 The Pursuit of His Heart (Part Five)

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Updated: 2019-03-16 05:34

After a short silence, Steven began his words. "The dispute between The Conservative Faction and The Reformist Faction has been there for forever. It is no longer news that's worth discussing," he said in an indifferent tone.

"Besides, I have withdrawn a long time ago. There is nothing that I could do even with the power I had then. As for Molly, she is no more than an ordinary kid. She has nothing to do with all of these either," he said slowly and convincingly.

Edgar did not find Steven's answers surprising. He had expected that the conversation would end up like this even before he brought him. He knitted his brows and made a helpless, pitiful expression.

"It's not that simple. You know me Uncle Steven, I would be more than glad if Molly is happy and safe," he hesitated for a second and then said in a light voice," I am afraid it has something to do with your past."

A flare of rage came over Steven's eyes. To him, the memories of the past should remain buried in the past. There was no point hanging from it all the time. After a short pause, he drew herself back and said in a calm voice," It has been so long since those days. Sometimes, I couldn't even distinguish it from a dream. There is no winner from it, the dead are dead. And for those who are still alive, there is nothing for them but to live under the horror from the disaster."

"After so many years, The Conservative Faction and The Reformist Faction are still picking up on that thing? I am afraid it is no more than an excuse," Steven continued pointedly.

There was a short silence. Edgar did not answer at once. His mind brooded on how he should lead the conversation to his purpose. Gradually, he s

s sake. And as I have sacrificed so much, I don't want all of my efforts to go in vain!" he said, with a determined look in his eyes.

Noting the tension in the atmosphere, Steven suddenly lapsed into a smile. "Unsolved matters should be resolved sooner or later. I understand your feelings toward Molly, and I am completely aware you have sacrificed so much for her," he started.

"Regardless, you couldn't stop me. The plan is already on its way. It's like an arrow in a flight after pulling the strings. You have no other way but to shoot. You do understand what I mean, don't you?" he said, looking closely into Edgar' s eyes.

Without a word, he rose and walked towards the door.

As he was about to take his leave, he stopped in front of the door, tilted his head slightly aside and spoke in thoughtful and prospective tone," Eddy, I know you understand it yourself. With what's currently happening, The Conservative Faction is utilizing all the sources they could get to pry on the resources of The Reformist Faction. The situation is getting worse and tenser," Steven stated in hope to let Edgar see through things.

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