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   Chapter 371 The Pursuit of His Heart (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5761

Updated: 2019-03-16 04:54

she said to herself.

Jenifer's hatred grew.

All of a sudden, her eyes narrowed and her face distorted in a spiteful, sinister smile. She turned off the video and tossed her phone hatefully on the chair next to her. Then she picked up the cup placed in front of her and started savoring the coffee inside. Her mind still lingered on what she had seen on the video, with her heart full of hostility and hatred.

'Brian, Molly, you didn't only hurt my brother, but also Edgar, both of whom I care so much. So don't expect me to show you any mercy. You must pay for what you did!' she gritted her teeth in hatred.

Then somebody came knocking at the door.

"Come in!" she exclaimed in her high, vibrant voice as she glanced at the door.

The door slowly opened, and a woman entered furtively in her light and inaudible footsteps. Her eyes scoured quickly around the room, after noticing that Jenifer was alone, her face exalted a sign of relief. She turned around and closed the door quietly to avoid anyone from noticing and came straight to Jenifer. "I saw Edgar took Steven. Steven was just coming out of the Sunset Town at that time," she bent over to whisper and inform Jenifer.

"Really?" Jenifer cried. Apparently, the news intrigued her.

There was a cunning, sinister smile on her face again. "I didn't expect Steven and Daniel would come out of the farm. There must be something that we don' know," she said suspiciously.

"That's what intrigued me," the woman continued. She looked at Jenifer slyly under her rough and slack eyelids. "It was very strange that Molly came to the farm yesterday in the middle of the night. What's even stranger is that I only saw her getting off the car. I had no ide

ve never liked beating around the bush. So today, I will just cut to the chase as well. I think you understand how much I have always cared about Molly, and that's also why I brought you here," he said, looking at Steven with steady, clear eyes.

Steven lowered his cup on the table, and then lifted his head to meet Edgar's eyes.

"About Molly?" he asked, in a rather surprised tone. In his heart, he knew that it had something to do with Molly. Yet, he had to know what exactly Edgar was up to.

Edgar adjusted his body and crossed his legs idly in front. There was a powerful and domineering attribute in him, which made his eyes shine in intent yellow lights as he began his statement.

"I have no doubt about Uncle Steven's knowledge about A city's commotional situation," he paused, let out a sigh and continued.

"Based on what's going on lately and whatever results it may lead to, it is not beneficial for Molly to stay. She might throw herself to danger!" he placed emphasis on his tone as he said the last word. Through his glasses, Edgar looked at Steven who was sitting passively as if he didn't hear anything he just said.

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