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   Chapter 370 The Pursuit of His Heart (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5487

Updated: 2019-03-16 00:17

Wing had been standing behind him, watching them all this time. Seeing Molly leave, she slowly advanced forward, stood abreast and watched with him as she unapologetically left. "Brian, you are in love with her, in love with a girl who could not even dare fight for her fortune with her own inferior mind," she said in a soft, gentle voice.

Brian turned to her and furrowed his brows, looking at her with eyes full of uncertainty. Wing averted her face to him and looked closely into his eyes and resumed," If it was in the past, Becky would've occupied your everything. You would only be looking at her, thinking about her. However, everything is different now. You didn't even stop and look back when Becky ran into that waiter.

Not even when you knew she couldn't see, not when you knew how much she needed you to be at her side. Your mind concentrated on chasing Molly, and you have no-one else but her in your eyes right now."

"Brian, you do understand that you will be taking over XK Intelligence Agency in the near future, don't you? Then how do you think this overreaction would help you with your career? If a captain doesn't have an absolute control over his crew, and knowledge about the various situations they might come into. Then, how could he navigate successfully on the water?" she said, in a subtle, querulous tone.

Brian frowned at the thought of Becky. "How is Becky?" he asked, as if he had just realized her existence."She is fine, Eric is with her," Wing replied absently.

Wing then leaned forward to him and looked seriously into his eyes," I meant what I've just said.

You better take it into your co

nd looked steadily at the direction of where she went. A flare of determination lit in his eyes. Suddenly, he adjusted himself and stepped forward, then strode directly towards her direction. He finally decided to go after her and find her.

The crowd started to dissolve. Although they had no idea what had happened between the handsome man and the beautiful girl, it was already more than enough for them to talk over joyfully in their leisure time. There was no doubt that nobody would be reluctant to hear about such a romantic scene.

However, not all of the people in the crowd were merely spectators. Right after Brian went off to chase after Molly, a man from the crowd took out his phone and sent out the video that he had just taken to Jenifer.

While watching the video, a cunning yet enchanting smile curled on Jenifer's lips. 'Molly, I don't understand you at all, ' she started.

'What on earth do you have that made both Edgar and Brian be so much into you? That they've completely lost their minds, even willing to sacrifice their own will to protect you by all means!'

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