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   Chapter 368 The Pursuit of His Heart (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5735

Updated: 2019-03-15 08:42

"I am terribly sorry, Miss. Are you alright?" The waiter's face went all white in panic as he spoke.

Afraid of what might happen to him and how the lady would react, he hurried forward towards Becky and held her arms as he pled.

"I am so sorry," the waiter repeated his words mechanically. M-Blue Restaurant was famous for being a high-end, extravagant dining place. Most of the guests who came often to visit and dine were people with strong economic bases or of powerful social positions. Workers in this restaurant, who were mostly commoners, couldn't afford to offend any guests, not to mention a mere young waiter like him. It would not be surprising if he lost his job because of a simple mistake.

Despite his sincere apologies and intention to help, he ended up doing something that might cause the end of his career. As he rushed to grab Becky's arms, he accidentally touched her fresh wound caused by a glass fragment. The vibrating pain went over her veins as his strength groped her wound. Becky screamed from the excruciating pain. Her face was white and pale as a piece of paper. Her brows knitted intensely toward the middle of her eyes, and her mind was full of panic and terror. Her arms spread out, fumbling helplessly in the darkness of her world, struggling to grasp something that could comfort her or save her out of her ultimate fear. Then her mind was filled with the person she loved and valued the most. "Brian, Brian," she cried, sorrowfully and helplessly.

However, Brian was nowhere to be seen. After seeing Molly running away from the restaurant with tears swirling in her eyes, he immediately chased after her. He had no idea what happened at the restaurant, but he was certai

pain or terror would drive her so frantic and agitated? His heart began to entangle in deep sorrow.

"Let me go!" her mind repeatedly echoed out the words as she struggled to break free, despite having no more strength to resist. Although her eyes were swelled and sore from the constant cry in the last several days, and her body ached from the long run and struggle, she was completely unaware, not in the least. All she could ever think of was to run away.

Darkness mounted on Brian's sculptural and distinct face, his eyes flickered steadily with determination. He should never lose sight of her. A sudden and strong feeling dawned on to him, as if he would lose her forever as soon as he released her. So, his hands clutched even tighter in fear.

People were starting to gather around them, looking at them with confused but entertained eyes. In their eyes, the man was tall and handsome; the girl was delicate and beautiful, especially with tears flickering in her large and brilliant eyes, which made her look pitiful and fragile. Young people could not help but fabricate their own stories about what was going on between them.

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