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   Chapter 367 Dinner- Becky's Threat (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6385

Updated: 2019-03-15 05:54

"True identity?" Wing asked blankly. When she had asked Brian about it, he had explained everything to her. Brian had schemed to force her to stay by his side to be his 'plaything', as Brian had put it.

Eric looked at Brian and snorted, then he said coldly, "Little Molly is Becky's younger sister."

"What?!" Wing exploded, her eyes wide open. She turned towards Brian, searching for an answer. When Brian did not deny it, she pulled a long face.

Wing thought, 'No wonder Molly seemed weird when I mentioned Becky. Nevertheless, even if they are sisters, she does not have to give up her love for her sister's sake.

There must be something wrong with their relationship. They might not have the same parents.' Wing looked at Brian. He was stone-faced.

He was discontented with Eric for disclosing the relationship between Molly and Becky. With a gloomy face, he turned towards Wing and said indifferently, "Please don't meddle between them anymore."

Wing's face was overcast with gloom. She could not help but blame herself. But for Molly's sake, she hoped more than anything else that Brian would see his own heart clearly. She asked, "Could you make that clearer for me?"

But Brian did not say another word. Silence had fallen around the table once again.

While their silence weighted the air at the table, the atmosphere in the lady's room was also turning oppressive.

Molly looked at Becky in a daze. The standoff at the moment was very similar to the scene from her childhood days, except that Becky was blind now. Everything else was the same as before. Becky stood in front of her with a domineering attitude, while Molly was reduced to being as humble as a beggar.

"Molly, would you agree to leave Brian?" Becky asked while trying hard to maintain her elegance and preventing herself from looking too desperate.

Molly bit her lips as she did not know how to answer that quest

, "It is useless for you to threaten me. I don't want to stay by Brian Long's side at all. If you can persuade him to let me go, I will appreciate your help for the rest of my life!"

After saying that much, Molly took a deep breath, took a final look at Becky, and then turned around to exit the lady's room. She thought, 'How can you act so superior in front of me? Even if my life is a tragedy, it's not your place to judge it.'

Despite these thoughts, Molly was not able to stop her tears from rolling down. She ignored the looks of everyone at the restaurant as she walked out of there instead of returning to their table. But since she was rushing past all those people while crying, she drew all their attention.

"Little Molly..." Eric was the first to notice Molly. He rolled his wheelchair in a hurry, intending to catch up with her. When Eric called Molly's name, Brian turned and saw that Molly had walked out of the restaurant. Without hesitation, he stood up and ran after her. He was obviously quicker than Eric.

At the same time, Becky walked out of the lady's room. She tried to feel the walls as she walked alone without anyone's support. When Brian was about to push the door of the restaurant open, she ran into a waiter and fell to the floor.

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