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   Chapter 366 Dinner- Becky's Threat (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6436

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"Mr. Brian Long wants to meet you. Come with me," the man said coldly.

"Mr. Brian Long?" Daniel asked, surprised. He looked at the man and said, "You are not Mr. Brian Long's man."

"Well, if I'm not Mr. Brian Long's man, then who could I be?" the man asked with a sinister smile.

Daniel took several steps back. His face was still childish, but he was a clever boy. He said, "Don't take me for a fool! I know what kind of man Mr. Brian Long is. There is no possibility that he would want to meet someone like me. Besides, even if he did want to, he wouldn't have resorted to such methods."

The man smiled cruelly and said, "Well, you are not that stupid after all..."

Daniel tried hard to keep calm. He looked around hoping to find a way to escape. However, they were in a small alley. It was almost impossible for him to escape successfully.

"You'd better not try to escape," the man laughed and said coldly, "because you will surely fail to do it anyway."

The man took out his gun. As Daniel's face turned pale, the man pressed the trigger, shooting a fine needle into Daniel's arm before he had the time to react. In an instant, Daniel lost consciousness.

The man walked up to him and picked up his limp body. He carried him with ease like a rag doll and threw him inside a car which was parked in hiding. The man made a phone call and spoke, "Steven was picked up by somebody sent by Edgar. I'm going to bring his little boy back. I guess he would be of some use."


At M-blue Restaurant

Wing loved the food at this restaurant. The satisfying color, the aroma and the taste of the food went so well with the simple and elegant pattern of the interior. She always enjoyed dining in this place.

However, today was different. Wing sat at the head of the table, with Brian and Becky to her right while Molly and Eric sat to her left. Since she and Molly had reached first, they sat next to eac

ered with a smile, which couldn't have been more soft or beautiful. With Molly supporting her, Becky walked out of everyone's sight.

Brian, Eric and Wing did not withdraw their eyes from them until Becky and Molly had disappeared around the corner. Eric finally said, "Wing, since you invited Molly, you should have tried to avoid calling Becky."

Brian did not say a word. He just glared at Eric because he was disgusted by Eric's excessive care for Molly.

"Why not?" Wing asked, confused. "It's a get-together for everybody, and it's nice to see all of you at the same time. Besides, you can see yourself more clearly!"

Wing's words were specifically targeted at the two men. She first glanced at Eric and then at Brian. Her eyes gradually became deeper. She wanted to find out the truth from Brian's face. After considering the tangle with him yesterday and the phone call this morning, she could not believe that Brian had no special feeling towards Molly.

"The problem is that you haven't taken Little Molly's feelings into consideration," said Eric. Obviously, he did not pay much attention to what Wing had said. He looked at her angrily. She was looking at him in confusion. He glanced at Brian once, and said, "Wing, do you know Little Molly's true identity?"

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