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   Chapter 365 Dinner- Becky's Threat (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6482

Updated: 2019-03-15 00:18

The VIP ward was covered in a depressive mood.

In spite of her disappointment, Becky pretended to smile and talked as if she did not care about the results.

She said, "Bri, it doesn't matter. The result is within my expectation. Felix tried so many times. Even if we do manage to get retinas that match me, there might still be adverse reactions."

Becky blinked slowly, compressed her lips and said indifferently, "If it turns out that I can never see the world again, then that would be my fate. I have to accept it without any qualms."

Brian tried to act as if the results hadn't affected him much either and said calmly, "Elias said that there is still a chance."

Becky shook her head with a bitter smile. She neither contradicted him nor showed her expectations. Instead, she took a deep breath, smiled lightly and asked, "Bri, where is Wing?"

"She went to see Eric," answered Brian. He made up the lie without thinking twice. He did not know why, but he wanted to prevent Becky from knowing too much about Molly.

"I haven't seen Eric around..." Becky realized at that moment that except for the unexpected meeting at the restaurant last time, Eric had not come over to see her at all, which was really weird. In the past, if Eric had been informed that she had been ill, he would have come to see her, no matter how far away he had been. However, this time he was in A City, but he hadn't come to visit. Could it be because of Molly?

"He has recently been busy dealing with the construction of the Smile Hotel in A City," Brian found an excuse at random to prevaricate.

Becky's heart became heavier when she felt that Brian was somewhat absent-minded, but she did not show any indication of that on her face. She stretched out one of her hands and tried to grasp Brian's hand by feeling for it. He knew what she wanted to do and proactively grasped her hand. With her hand inside Brian's, Becky asked, "Bri, if.

een keeping watch outside the farm had disappeared. At first, he did not move. But when it was almost noon, he made sure that nobody was keeping watch. He alerted Sharon and left the farm silently.

Seeing Steven leave, Daniel quietly followed. Daniel tailed Steven from a distance. Steven was picked up by a car just as he stepped out of Sunset Town. Since Daniel was quite a distance away from him, he only saw him get into the car, so he was not sure if Steven had gotten into the car willingly or under threat.

'Where is papa going?' Daniel lowered his head and mumbled to himself. There was no way that he could follow him any longer. Besides, he was worried about Sharon who was alone at the farm, though she was well looked after. Daniel turned around and started to walk back.

He walked fast with his head low until he ran into someone in front of him. Daniel raised his head and saw a man in a full black suit in front of him. He had on a pair of black sunglasses which covered almost half of his face. Daniel became anxious when the man didn't move out of his way.

He looked around carefully and tried to take a detour around the man. But when he moved, the man also moved, blocking his path again. Daniel started to panic. He stuttered, " you are in my way."

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