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   Chapter 364 Facing Her Own Feelings (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5950

Updated: 2019-03-15 00:08

If not today, if not now, she still had to leave one day, didn't she?

"Why are you so sure that Brian doesn't love you back?" Wing realized that both Molly and Brian were stubborn as fuck. They were both afraid when it came to love. They just kept complaining about their feelings without doing anything to make themselves happy.

"Wing, I think you know why. He is in love with Becky." Molly's heart turned bitter as she spat those words out loud. She really wanted to ignore the hurtful truth that the man she was in love with would never return her feelings.

Wing rolled her eyes. "Have you ever told him that you are in love with him? If you haven't, then how can you be so sure that he doesn't love you?"

"I...I told him once." Molly thought of the snowy night she had shared with Brian. They had strolled in the snow, holding hands with each other. She had a feeling that the peaceful and silent night would forever be a distant memory for her.

Wing was a bit surprised by Molly's answer. She asked, "And how did he react?"

Molly's smile was very bitter. She laughed at herself. She should have known all along that Brian would never return her feelings. "He is in love with Becky."

Saying those words aloud again to Brian's sister was like sticking a knife deep into her heart. Molly grabbed onto the cup in her hand tightly, trying hard to hide that she was miserable and embarrassed.

Wing didn't say anything for a while. She lowered her gaze to glance at her phone, then slowly asked, "What if I tell you that Brian is, in fact, in love with you? Are you willing to try to be with him?"

Molly didn't answer her immediately. She was deep in thought. After a few seconds, she finally said, "No."

"Why not?" Wing asked, confused. She couldn't unders

deep in his heart, he knew that it was almost impossible for Becky to regain her vision because he had read Felix's reports. That was, unless they found a very suitable retina for her. But considering how special her retinal nerves were, it was practically impossible. He was really good at his job, and he was also good at developing modern medicines. But even the most effective medicines could not help with Becky's situation because there really was no other solution to her medical condition.

Elias's eyes suddenly flickered with a trace of hope. He looked at Brian and asked with expectation, "By the way, do you know if Miss Yan has any brothers or sisters? If she does, then there is a possibility to transfer that person's retina to her. But if we choose to do this, then this other person might face a few problems. Though there might not be any lasting complications, there is still a possibility that this operation might decline their visual acuity, which will end up in them needing a new retina as well."

Hearing his words, Molly's figure flashed through Brian's mind. But as soon as it appeared, he frowned deeply and said in a stern, cold tone, "No, she doesn't!"

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