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   Chapter 362 Facing Her Own Feelings (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6932

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Yoyo looked at Becky, whose face was full of expectations, and she thought back to last night when Brian had taken Molly's hand and had left the hospital with her.

So she hesitated for a short moment, then said, "Mr. Brian Long is busy working right now. He was here the whole time last night."

Yoyo believed that lies which meant no harm might even be good for the patient's health. So when she saw Becky smile sweetly, she shook her head fondly at her behavior. Women in love were all the same.

"Miss Yan, let me check your temperature please," Yoyo said.

Becky was clearly in a good mood because of what Yoyo had said, so she just nodded her head with a smile and asked, "Did Brian tell you when he will come back?"

"Mr. Brian Long..." Yoyo mumbled, trying to find an excuse. And just at that moment, the door was pushed open and Brian calmly walked in with Wing trailing behind him.

"Mr. Brian Long. Miss Long." Yoyo politely greeted them. She glanced at Becky, then looked back at Brian, frowning silently. She was a little afraid that Brian might say something that would make Becky realize that she had lied to her.

"Brian?" The corners of Becky's lips lifted into a large smile. Then she tilted her head in confusion when she heard Yoyo greet another person. "Is that Wing?"

"Yeah, it's me." Wing stepped in and sat on the bed. She held Becky's hand, which was trying to reach out to her. She looked at Becky, worried. "How did you hurt yourself like this? You really need to be more careful."

"I can't see anymore, so..." Though Becky could not see Wing, she was still very excited to hear her voice. "Why are you in A City all of a sudden? Did you just arrive? Was it Brian who picked you up?"

"I arrived last night." Wing did not know what had actually happened to Becky, and Brian also didn't tell her why Becky and Molly were in the hospital at the same time. It was not until now that she saw the bruise on Becky's forehead.

The smile on Wing's face froze for a second, but she quickly disguised it. Becky held onto Wing's hand and

n who was kneeling alone in the snow.

"Emperor," Elias said, not sensing the weird atmosphere in the room, "you mentioned that there's another patient?"

"Yeah," Brian said, looking away from Molly. He then ordered, "Follow me."

Elias said good-bye to Molly and Eric, then followed Brian out of the room.

Molly's lips thinned into a tight line. She looked at the closed door, feeling disappointed.

"Becky is in the hospital too," Eric said slowly, watching Molly's expression turn from one of disappointment to surprise, "Last night, while Brian was waiting for you to wake up, Becky fell down the stairs accidentally. She was unconscious for a long time."

"How did that happen?" Molly asked in shock. Her voice was still a bit husky since she wasn't fully healed. And it sounded a bit weird.

Eric scoffed. He then said, "Who knows?" After a short pause, he added, "She has only been living in the villa for two days and she is already causing so much trouble ."

Molly looked at Eric in confusion. "What do you mean by that?"

Eric raised his eyebrows and asked, "Little Molly, does Becky know who you really are?" But before Molly could reply, he answered the question himself, "Oh, Becky can't see right now. So she wouldn't know yet."

Molly frowned at Eric's sudden change in subject. She glared at him, a bit angrily. "What are you trying to say?"

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