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   Chapter 361 Every Man For Himself (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5778

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"Let's meet in half an hour. You know where." A calm and low voice said on the phone.

Jennifer raised her eyebrows, smiled arrogantly, and replied, "See you."

Jennifer started the car as soon as she hung up and drove straight to a used car studio - where they were going to meet. It was only less than 20 kilometers away... She had only been parked at the studio for a while when a car pulled over beside hers with its window lowered.

The car was parked so near Jennifer's - it was hard to tell if it was coincidental or on purpose. Jennifer couldn't see who was driving the car but she didn't care. She lowered her window and raised her eyebrows, "It's always wise to be careful but if you're willing to go that far then things might not work out for you."

"Ha!" The other person chuckled, "One can't be too careful in situations like this." The man paused for a second before continuing, "Can I trust what you told me before?"

Jennifer smiled, "If you didn't trust me, you wouldn't be here. Am I right, Mr. Yan?"

Justin smirked, "Jennifer, this is different. How are you so sure that I trust you?"

"Because," Jennifer turned to face Justin, "I don't care what happened that year,"

Jennifer said calmly, sure of herself. She glanced at Justin's hand holding a cigarette and at that moment, flicking cigarette ash onto the floor, "Of course, I'm not doing this for free."

"If this is fixable, we will not object to Edgar entering the State Parliament." Justin said this conclusively before Jennifer could even say what she wanted as an exchange.

"No!" Jennifer's eyes flashed, "That's not the only thing I want."

Justin tilted his head, frowning, "What else do you want?"

"I want... I want Molly

inning, and her nose twitching.

Brian hadn't been home since last night. She had been so anxious wondering if Brian was out with Molly. She couldn't help but think about it but she didn't want to go and ask Brian about it because she didn't want to come off as whiny to Brian.

Becky tightened her grip to her quilt, falling down her bed hoping he would come back to see her but...

At that exact moment, the door opened. Becky's face lit up, "Bri!"

"Miss Yan, it's good that you're awake now!" Yoyo came in carrying a medical tray. She put the tray on her bedside table, took out a thermometer and leaned over to Becky to take her temperature. Becky's temperate shot up last night when she was in a coma and she didn't get better until she took liquid infusion. "Miss Yan, I'm just going to take your temperature," Yoyo said politely.

As Yoyo was leaning over to Becky, Becky pushed her hand away, "Yoyo, where am I right now?"

"You're in the hospital," Yoyo answered. "You fell off the stairs last night and the doctors said you might have a minor concussion so Mr. Brian Long sent you here."

"Where is he?" Becky asked, curious.

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