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   Chapter 359 Every Man For Himself (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5849

Updated: 2019-03-14 00:07

Wing glowered at Brian as she spat her last word out.

Her beautiful face was painted with anger and it was hard to ignore.

She had been so anxious and Brian wasn't having any of it - he wasn't comforting her like he usually did and this only caused her more distress.

'Hmph! Why does he say that I don't know what love is?

I've never doubted my love for Weston. It is impossible for me to love him more than I already do. We have such a long history together - since childhood when we often bickered with one another, to that fateful day when we saw each other again in Dragon Island. We were meant to be and the universe has been bringing us together ever since. We were meant to live the rest of our lives together but... I don't want him to be miserable one day.

I know Weston like the back of my hand. If I don't marry him, he'll get over it one day and move on but if I do marry him... and he loses me one day then he's never going to move on and I don't want that to happen.'

Just the thought of all of these made Wing's eyes misty but she tried to control herself. She kept herself together and scowled at Brian.

Brian glared back at Wing, slightly narrowing his eyes, and pressing his lips together. After Wing questioned him relentlessly, it seemed that he was now more confused than he was bothered.

Wing noticed that Brian remained silent instead of answering her question. She blinked and wrinkled her eyebrows, doubtful. She snickered, "Brian, do you even know what love is? Because if you don't, you have no right to come in here to question me!"

Wing's words were tinged with sadness. Brian continued to gaze at her but eventually, his face gave him away - for it started to show confusion now instead of indiffer

Wing, meanwhile, went straight to Brian's study and took out his medicine box.

Wing coolly examined Brian's wound. She worked in XK Intelligence Agency for a while and there she learned from the doctors she worked with how to dress a wound and that was also only because as a child, Brian frequently got hurt. She carefully cleaned the wound before wrapping a bandage around it. "It's bleeding. You couldn't have even had it bandaged?" Wing remarked snidely.

Brian responded by leaning his head on Wing's shoulder. Wearing a familiar smile on his face, he asked her softly, "Wing, you haven't dressed a wound of mine for a long time."

Wing's heart softened at the sight of Brian getting sentimental. Brian was so strong and mature now that she had almost forgotten the good old days when all he did was act like a spoiled little brat around her.

Wing pursed her lips and changed the topic, "It's so quiet around here..." she murmured.

Brian knew where Wing was going, "Both Becky and Molly are at the hospital," he said blankly.


"They're at the hospital, yes." Brian said with a tone of finality - he didn't want to go into it anymore.

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