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   Chapter 358 Do You Know What Love Is (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6617

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As soon as Brian finished speaking, he hung up the phone and went inside. On his way, the paramedics greeted him in the hall, but he ignored them and strode forward to catch up with Molly. The two took the elevator to the VIP floor.

'Now, they all want to hide their strengths and bid their time to achieve their objectives quickly. Now that Steven can't wait, I'll give what he wants, ' thought Brian.


When the elevator reached the VIP floor, Molly quietly stepped out and went directly to the ward, but Brian didn't follow her and just looked at her lifeless back. At that moment, his heart began to ache just seeing her distant back.

He watched as Molly walked into the room. Instead of following her, he turned to the direction of Elias' office. Just along the way, Molly's silence affected him and made him sad. This kind of mood had been around him lately which made him feel very uncomfortable. No one had ever affected his mood like Molly, not even Becky.

Brian stopped walking. He looked down and frowned. 'No one will win in this game that I'm playing with her.'

Brian walked on and wondered what he should do.

Before he got to Elias' office, his phone rang again and interrupted his thoughts, which irritated Brian. Frowning, he took out the phone. However, when he saw it was Wing who was calling him, his mood changed in an instant and he smiled.

"Bri." Wing coddled on the phone. "I miss you so much."

Brian's eyes softened and he said slowly, "I'll fly there and see you?"

"No need," Wing smiled, "I'm in A City."

"You're in A City?" Brian frowned and lost all the gentleness in his eyes. "Where are you now?"

"Dessert shop."

"Stay there. I'll be right over." Instead of looking for Elias, Brian left the hospital quickly and headed for the dessert shop.


When Molly came to the ward, she didn't expect Eric to be there. She looked at Eric sitting in front of the window, gently pressing her lips.

Eric turned ar

outed, "He's proposed to you for more than 50 times. You want him to propose to you until you're old?"

Upon hearing him, Wing sighed with her eyes dimmed, and smiled. "I wish that could happen, too.

Medical technology is so advanced these days. Anything can come true in the future." Hearing Wing's resigned voice, Brian sighed, "You've met your Mr. Right. Why don't you be with him and cherish him? Why are you wasting your time on other things? Wing, why are you doing this? Are you using this as an excuse because you don't love Weston enough or is it because you don't know what you want?"

Wing didn't know why Brian was so aggressive today. Initially, Wing was depressed about this matter and wanted to seek comfort from Brian. Unexpectedly, he began to question her as soon as he saw her, which made the matter even worse. "What about you?" Wing asked angrily.

"What's wrong with me?" Brian's eyes deepened when he asked.

"You don't know whether the woman you love is Becky or Molly." Wing looked at Brian angrily, and said, "You thought I didn't know that Becky was back and you were still staying with Molly. Tell me, is that your attitude towards love? You are not faithful to the person you love, or you just can't understand yourself? You even have no idea who's the one that you really love!"

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