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   Chapter 357 Do You Know What Love Is (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5716

Updated: 2019-03-13 11:03

"I don't know anything? I know my sister has been miserable enough." Daniel said sadly, and thought, 'I've been thinking about recent events these days. Dad used to like gambling and every time Dad owed money, Molly paid him off. It's nothing different now, but the atmosphere at home is different. Recently, mom and dad are always talking and writing notes in their room. I often wake up in the middle of the night to see my father sneaking out until dawn. I don't know what happened, but I know something's wrong. I'm not a fool.' "Besides, Molly has called you father for so many years, and she has paid your debts for so many years. She even sacrificed herself just for you. Don't you think that you should stop thinking only of your reputation? She is your daughter!"

"Snap!" Steven slapped Daniel in the face. Daniel covered his face with his hand and looked at Steven's angry face. He wasn't that sure of his thoughts until this very moment. He glared at Steven, and said angrily, "Isn't my sister pitiful enough? You only cared about yourself. Why do you have to do this to her?"

"You know nothing!" Being locked up for several days, Daniel couldn't just contain his emotions. Steven cried out, "Do you know how it feels to see so many people dying in front of you? They were soldiers of this country, but they were not killed in battle, they were slaughtered. I can take the blame, but I want justice! Yet I am under house arrest. I can't do anything!"

"You want to get justice for them? What has this got to do with my sister?" cried Daniel. "You have to sacrifice my sister to get the justice you want?"

Steven's mouth twitched uncontrollably. He stared at Daniel for a while before saying wi

her go?'

"Let my Dad be free." Molly leaned back in the chair, stared straight ahead and said, "I'm not going anywhere." She thought, "Even if you love Becky, or even if I don't deserve to be around you."

Brian felt Molly's sadness. His eyes deepened. He only had to make one phone call to know what was going on at the farm, but he already knew what was going on without asking.

Instead of answering Molly, Brian drove to the hospital. Molly did not ask if he would agree to spare her father. Both of them sat silently in the car, and neither of them was talking, which made the atmosphere in the car turned not as warm as before.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Molly got out of the car and walked inside without waiting for Brian. Quite surprised, Brian looked at her back and frowned. Just then, his phone rang, he took it out and answered it.

"Mr. Brian Long," Vincent said coldly on the phone, "I've arranged everything as you've asked."

"Okay," Brian replied, calmly watching Molly's back as she walked towards the hospital. "This time, I will explain it to conservative faction and reformist faction."

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