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   Chapter 352 Still Unable to Speak (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7570

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"Mayor, are you going to the Grand Night Casino?" Bill overtook Edgar in a hurry and asked. Receiving no answers from the Mayor, he continued to walk alongside him, trying to catch up with his boss. He said, "Molly hasn't been to the Grand Night Casino today. I had already sent someone to find her before I came here."

Edgar stopped walking. He turned to look at Bill with a very serious face, and pondered. Then he said, "Go home, Bill. Get some rest. You don't have to be with me there."

Edgar left without any more hesitation. Bill let out a sigh as he watched Edgar leave in a hurry.

Edgar went down to the parking lot and drove off. As soon as he exited the City Hall, he saw a luxurious Land Rover at the corner of the street.

Jenifer was heading to the City Hall in her Land Rover. A car drove past her before she could enter in. It was Edgar's car, and he was in the driver's seat. To Jenifer's surprise, Edgar didn't even wave hello to her. Obviously, it vexed the proud woman. She immediately turned the steering wheel, in an attempt to overtake Edgar's car which showed no signs of slowing down. Jenifer frowned in anger and dialed Edgar's number on the car-mounted phone.

The call went through, but Edgar didn't pick up. Jenifer's beautiful face darkened out of fury. She stepped on the gas and sped up, trying to catch him. Jenifer maintained a short distance between herself and Edgar for a while and she quickly realized that Edgar had no idea that he was being followed at all.

"Where the hell is he heading to?" murmured Jenifer. As far as she knew, Edgar was always very careful and alert. It was impossible for him to not notice that he was being followed.

Edgar's mind was a total mess at that moment. His heart was wrung the moment he heard that Molly was beaten. A painful picture came to his mind. He recalled how Molly had suffered when she was bullied by the kids in the military residential neighborhood when she was still a little girl. How stubborn she was as she stopped herself from crying at the time. She never shed a tear while those older kids attacked her and said malicious words to her. She just stared at them, with her crystal-like eyes. She must have engraved that stigma deep into her mind.

That sad memor

d not moved an inch. She sat in silence on the bed and had paid no attention to him since the moment he had walked in.

Her attitude angered him. He hated the feeling of being ignored by her. He quickly strode towards her and held her wrist before speaking in a suppressed voice, "Come with me!"

Molly struggled out of instinct, trying to break loose from Brian's grip. But that only made him grip her with more strength.

"Brian, where are you taking Little Molly?" demanded Eric.

Brian paid no attention to Eric's question. He reinforced his strength on Molly's wrist and pulled her before turning towards the door. Molly was pulled to the side of the bed and her legs slipped down. Brian looked at her feet and said coldly, "Put on your shoes."

Molly let out a sigh because of the pain Brian was causing on her wrist. His demanding tone upset her. Subduing the anger in her, Molly put on her shoes and stood up.

"Brian!" said Eric disapprovingly.

Brian cast a cold glance at Eric with the corner of his eyes. Instead of saying anything to him, he pulled Molly out of the ward without hesitation. He called out in an aloof tone, "Don't follow us if you want her to speak."

Eric's hands stopped rolling his wheel chair immediately after he heard what Brian had said. He said nothing and just let them go. He watched helplessly as Brian took Molly out of the ward with her hand in his. At that moment, he envied Brian for the first time in his life for his noble pride and utter coldness.

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