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   Chapter 351 Still Unable to Speak (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6405

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Molly stared at Eric in astonishment, having no idea what Eric meant by that. He was no more the dandy young master she had known all along. Molly lost herself in Eric's unusual behavior as if falling into a dream. But what Eric had said still echoed in her ear. It was so real that she realized that this was not a dream. She unintentionally pushed Eric away, forgetting that he was injured too. As a result, Eric lost control of his body and fell back. No sooner had Eric begun to fall than Molly realized what she had done. She got so frantic that she immediately leaned forward to snatch him. Eric took this opportunity and pulled Molly into his arms again.

"I meant what I said, Little Molly," Eric calmed himself down, lowering his voice, "I have this special feeling for you. I'm not joking. Nor am I saying this because Brian pissed me off. I love you, Little Molly."

Molly's senses were numbed and she couldn't think anymore. Eric's confession of his love for her shocked her. His words threw her off. The confession was so unexpected that her brain turned blank. She was so startled that she even forgot all her sorrows of not being able to talk.

Eric sighed as he sensed Molly's shocked embarrassment and her rigid response. In a depressed tone, he said, "I know that you don't believe me. But I will try my best to prove the honesty in every word I said."

To Eric's surprise, Molly's lips curled to flash a mild smile when she heard his words. But it was not a pleasant smile. It was laced with sadness.

Molly didn't want to give his words a second thought. It didn't matter whether Eric was being honest or not. She was tired. It was not wise to seek protection from other people. After all, she had to face all her problems on her own. She had learnt her lesson from all her previous experiences.

Eric felt uneasy by Molly's silence, which was not the result of her physical incapability.

her? Was there a possibility that she would fall in love with him again?

Edgar felt a heavy loss in his heart as he thought about her. He took out his cell phone from his pocket and checked the screen. Molly had said that she would call him. But two days had passed and there was no call from her.

"Oh! There's one more thing, Mayor," Bill said, all of a sudden as he recalled something he had missed, "I was told that a waitress in the Grand Night Casino helped a customer cheat last night. She was beaten up. The waitress..." Edgar swiftly turned around before Bill could finish speaking. Under the Mayor's sharp and furious gaze, Bill stopped and swallowed silently to steady himself. Then, he continued with a falter, "Her name is Molly."

"How could that be possible?" Edgar roared, his voice terrifying and also worried, "Did Brian know that she was being beaten? Did he allow that to happen?"

Bill shrugged in reply. He had just heard in vague details about the incident. He would not have pried into it if the Mayor hadn't paid too much attention to that girl. "I know very little about the specifics. But Mr. Brian Long didn't seem to know about it," said Bill at last.

Edgar lifted his eyes to cast a look at Bill before walking down from the rooftop.

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