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   Chapter 350 Still Unable to Speak (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5966

Updated: 2019-03-12 00:18

Elias frowned. He studied Molly for a while and said, "Maybe she is too scared and her nerves have been affected." He folded his left arm across his chest, the elbow of his right hand placed against it. He rubbed his chin with his right hand, sinking into deep thought. Then he turned to Eric and said, "I have to do a few more examinations before making a decision. But," Elias shrugged and gestured towards Molly before continuing, "she refuses to be touched by anybody."

That was what worried Eric too. He had tried to encourage Little Molly to speak. After trying hard, however, Molly could only let out some muffled breaths instead of words. She couldn't make any noise.

Eric understood how she must have felt when her hope was distinguished again. Molly had accepted the fate that she might never speak again and was leading a contented life in spite of that harsh truth. But she was given hope when she was told that she might regain her voice. Although she had persuaded herself to take that chance with a calm attitude, she would have expected a positive result. It would be great if Molly could be completely healed, but if it failed... Quenching the fire of hope which was reignited in the heart was more difficult than the harm she had suffered the first time.

"Little Molly," said Eric as he pushed the rolling chair to the side of her bed. He settled his eyes on Molly, who had kept her head low all this time, and said, "It's getting late, Molly. You have stayed on this bed this whole time without eating anything. Let's go and have some food. Okay?"

Molly didn't respond. But soon, her eyelids flickered to show her approval. She understood Eric's anxiety for her. She just had no idea how she was supposed to react to such a consequence. She had told herself

ld bear the pain it would cause to stand up on their injured legs. But Eric... he did it.

Elias softened his defiant attitude towards Eric. He felt a new-found admiration for Eric.

Eric didn't notice the change in Elias' attitude, nor was he in the mood to acknowledge all that. All his attention was on Molly. Eric sat on the edge of her bed quickly, to Molly's surprise. It was so unexpected that she swiftly moved sideways unconsciously.

Eric felt his heart sting when he saw Molly respond that way. And a mountain of fury rose in him because of his incapability to help her. Instead of saying something to comfort her, he reached out to her and held her in his arms. Words were uttered through clenched teeth, "Little Molly, listen to me." His words came out with strong determination, "I don't care whether you can speak or not. I don't mind even if you cannot speak for the rest of your life. You can learn sign language. I'll go and learn it with you. I'll be your voice and speak for you. What I am trying to say is that...I will never let you suffer alone in the agony of being unable to speak. You are not alone in your world of silence. Do you hear me, Little Molly? ".

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