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   Chapter 349 Still Unable to Speak (Part One)

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Still Unable to Speak?

Tony drove the car back to the villa at breakneck speed. Brian pushed open the door and stepped out of the car before it had stopped completely. He dashed towards the villa as fast as he could. He saw Lisa rush downstairs to open the door.

"Mr. Brian Long," Lisa addressed him and ran towards him to greet him.

Brian headed upstairs without stopping to greet her back. "How is Becky now?" he asked in a hasty voice, worried about the answer.

"The doctor is checking her right now. She is..." replied Lisa with a gloomy look, "basically fine. She just hit her forehead on the handrail and has a slight concussion. The doctor said it would be better for her to have a full check up at the hospital."

Brian had reached upstairs as Lisa finished speaking. He pushed open the door without knocking. The doctor was gathering up his medical instruments, having completed his short medical examination. He politely nodded to greet Brian when he saw him come in.

Instead of responding to the doctor's greeting, Brian strode to the bed in a hurry. He noticed the huge bruise above the corner of Becky's left eye. She was still lying unconscious, but her brows were knotted in pain. It must have been a terrible accident.

Yoyo stood silently by the bedside; she had sensed Brian's fury. She swallowed her fear to calm herself down as much as her nerve would allow, not even daring to breathe too loudly, just in case it would attract Brian's attention to her.

Brian reached out and covered Becky's hand with his. He held it gently and ran his slender fingers over the bandage on her hand. She was perfectly fine when he had left just a couple of days ago, but now...She was covered in bruises. 'What happened here?' Brian wondered.

"Is she okay?" Brian asked in a low voice, but he kept his eyes on Becky.

The doctor approached Brian. He maintained a professiona

didn't respond to Eric or Sam, no matter what they said or did. She seemed to have been completely absorbed into a world of her own, failing to find an exit to the outside world.

Eric glanced at Elias who was by his side. Sam's face was sullen. Molly's behavior was totally beyond his expectation. He asked Sam in English, "Elias, are you sure that Little Molly's throat has recovered?"

Elias rolled his eyes at Eric's question before nodding his head. Then he said with an air of arrogance, "I promise. My medicine has definitely taken effect. There is no doubt about it."

Elias was unhappy that Eric had to reconfirm the medical effect of his medicine. He would have burst into anger if not for Eric's status as the successor of the Dragon Empire Group.

"But she can't speak yet!" said Eric, trying his best to subdue the fury in his voice.

As the man who was going to inherit the Dragon Empire Group in the future, Eric was by no means a person to be trifled with. In fact, he was a very arrogant man. Elias' disdainful attitude really was getting on his nerves. If Elias had been useless in treating Molly's illness, Eric would have already thrown him out of the ward. But he had to suppress his anger and control his temper at this crucial hour.

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