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   Chapter 348 His Feelings For Her (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5782

Updated: 2019-03-11 05:15

Even with her words, it never felt enough. There was a constant nagging feeling in her heart. There were signs to it; his avoidance of her visit and his disappearance with Molly.

Howling in pain, she fell on the floor, crouching and hugging herself in misery. The cold, dark room made her aware of how alone she was. There were many thoughts racing on her mind, confusing her more. All of Cindy's, Lucy's and Rory's words were echoing on her mind, replaying ceaselessly. Then, the thought of getting blind made everything worse. The constant fear was overwhelming her with pain.

Nighttime came. The moon was at the peak of the sky, shining alone in the darkness and casting a muted glow on the ground below.

Brian and Eric, engrossed on their respective minds, remained in Molly's hospital room. At this moment, it was safe to wake her up but they remained on their ground, refusing to disturb her sleep.

Eric was on his documents, reading and signing them as he kept vigil for Molly. He needed to keep up with his schedule in case Frank suspected something.

With his eyes on the screen, Brian remained fixated on typing data on his laptop nonstop. He wanted to finish his work soon. As soon as he deleted a data, another one was sent to him. Letting out a sigh, he closed his laptop and promised to resume some other time.

He put his laptop on the side and stood, facing a nearby window. His gaze swept past city lights and settled on the beautiful sky.

Ever since he was a kid, Richie held a high expectation of him which resulted in the rigid and tough outlook he had for himself. He was always restless, wanting to gain and achieve at each turn. To his utter surprise, he slowly found calmness with Molly's pre

tions she was openly displaying. It took a fool to not recognize she was looking for his cousin which made him feel a bit downhearted for a moment. With a smile on his face he asked, "Little Molly, how are you feeling?"

She lifted herself with a pillow on her back as a support before staring at his bright, beautiful eyes.

Expectation was evident in his eyes. His hand held hers and he encouraged her with his gestures. It pressured her a lot. "Try your voice, Molly."

Molly couldn't match his anticipation to the point that it extremely bothered her. With Brian, she was able to handle this situation and always felt safer.

Seeing her anxiousness made him nervous but he wasn't deterred from goal to make her speak, "Little Molly, there's nothing to be afraid of. Just speak my name."

Swallowing, Molly mustered herself up. There was an uncomfortable feeling in her throat and it almost made her sway. Eric nodded his head, and encouraged her more. She proceeded to open her mouth, slowly gathering strength and whispered, "Eric..."

All of a sudden, Eric and Molly froze; his brows were knotted while her face turned extremely pale.

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