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   Chapter 347 His Feelings For Her (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6413

Updated: 2019-03-11 01:51

Eric denied his words. For sure, his dad will like Molly and her agreeable personality though hesitating on his judgment of her identity.

Regardless of Molly being Rory or Justin's daughter, she was part of the dispute between the two factions and this would likely impact her as a whole.

"It won't keep me from liking her." Eric looked at Brian and continued, his tone was dead set, "You will help me, right?"

At his words, Brian's eyes darkened though his overall expression remained impassive. "You think so?"

"Of course you will!" With a raised brows and an expectant gleam of his eyes, he added, "Shouldn't you be happy that I like her now? I won't be fighting for Becky's attention against you anymore."

Brian stared at him, his thoughts were on his words and it should make him happy. His cousin liked to fight against him in everything and it included Becky. If not for him, he should have been with Becky a long time ago.

But now, his words seemed to ignite something deep within him.

Frowning, his gaze fell on Molly's face and thoughts came racing on his mind. He wanted her to stay on his side, and not to be with another man. Not even with Eric! He would never let it happen!

All of a sudden, his heart tightened at the thought which surprised him. He was blind with the growing affection he had for her. How? When did he develop feelings for her?

A flicker of emotion flashed from his eyes and it disappeared at a blink. Once again, he focused his vision at his cousin and spoke, "I won't help you."

It didn't come as a shock to Eric's ears, in fact, he had expected it from his cousin. With a small smile, he leveled his eyes into his cousin and spoke, "Can you be honest and tell me what you feel for her? Do you love her?"

Brian's mouth twitched at his question but indirectly made an answer, "What do you think?"

"It is better if you don't." Eric's eyes narrowed as he s

n't expected Becky would react. Suddenly, she recalled the girl named Lucy and her words and realized her mistake. "It was stupid of me, Miss Yan. Do not mind my words." she said quickly, and her eyes were lowered in regret.

Becky breathed hard, her emotions on turmoil. Out of her anger, she pushed Yoyo on the side and blindly walked towards Brian's room. When Brian took her to his room yesterday, she thought it was because he felt it was more convenient for him. But upon hearing Yoyo's words, it made her realize something great. The room next to his now belonged to Molly.

She blindly stumbled to his door, turning the knob as she opened the room. Yoyo wanted to help her but she refused harshly. The darkness of the room greeted her gloomy presence. As she closed the door, the tears she held for the longest time came falling down her cheeks. No one could comfort her at that very moment.

'No! He wouldn't do that to me!' she shouted on her mind, refusing to acknowledge her suspicions. 'He would never betray me and fall for another. This must be his way to bring me back. He wants me to feel jealous! Now, I am back. Surely, he will get rid of her because he loves me! One month couldn't measure to our years of love. It is impossible!' she convinced herself.

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