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   Chapter 346 His Feelings For Her (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6497

Updated: 2019-03-11 00:44

Elias looked at Eric's face before glancing at Brian's direction, his expression full of excitement.

With arms crossed and a slight cough to earn their respective attention, he told to them with a tone void of emotion.

"I changed her medications with an improved brand which will help Miss Xia to talk with ease once she wakes."

"Are you certain?" Eric said, eagerness clear in his tone. Having Molly awake and her voice restored would be wonderful, and he wished to make sure it will be possible.

Nodding his head, Elias supplemented his answer confidently, "I am positive. Don't you trust in my skills? Besides, this is a recent incident. Treating her illness at this stage is much better." "But..." Elias paused, and his mind processed a series of thoughts at once. His expression became grave.

Elias hesitated to say more in front of them.

With brows knitted, Brian noted his change of expression as well as the unwelcome 'but' and pause at the end. It brought apprehension to his well-being, which something he despised.

"What is it?" he asked. Eric noticed the change and his expression became stern.

The two men's expression became palpable to Elias vision, but he shrugged it off, sighing as he spoke to them, "Miss Xia had been forcing herself to speak these past few days which might result to damage of her vocal cords although unlikely. If she continues to do this, she will face consequences."

Thinking about those spoken words had Eric in deep concentration. He turned to Brian and saw his similar unchanged indifference on his face. Only if his eyes could mask his emotions well. There was a trace of regret deep within his dark orbs.

"When will she wake?", Brian's gaze focused on Elias, his pose was rigid as his face but his tone was too light to match his visual aura. It overall surprised him.

Stunned, Elias dismissed the momentary pass and thought for a sound answer, "She might wake up tonight

the first present she ever received. She certainly kept her promise.

The thought made him smile. It was not the practiced smirk he wore as a display. The smile held genuine feelings from his heart and mirroring on his beautiful set of eyes.

The typing stopped as Brian stared at Eric's expression. He took notice of the growing smile on his face which made him frown. The trail of vision, Brian followed, landed on Molly and at once made him feel a wave of inexplicable anger.

"Brian," Eric suddenly uttered, his eyes remained on the sleeping woman. His sudden call startled him but he remained silent, wanting to hear more.

"Once things are settled, I want to take Molly back to the Dragon Island." he said, his voice sounded low and finality was embedded on his words.

"Dad and mom will, without doubt, like her." he continued, a smile was once again on his face.

"I guess grandpa and grandma will like her as well." "Yeah? Well, I don't know about others but Uncle Frank will surely dislike her." Brian unemotionally stated as he glanced at Molly.

"Why do you say so?" Eric challenged his answer, disagreeing at his words and reasoning.

"Her identity." Brian answered simply. His face was devoid of emotion as their eyes met. They both displayed contrasting emotions.

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