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   Chapter 345 Hope For Molly (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5939

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"Let's go! It's time for you to prepare what the boss needs," Tony said. He gestured for Elias to follow him, as they went out of the ward to meet the physician-in-charge of the Department of Otolaryngology.

As they got busy to prepare for the examination that Molly would undergo in the afternoon, Brian took the elevator to go to the restaurant. With one hand in his pocket, he entered the dining place quickly. His eyes quickly surveyed the area then zeroed in on a table by the window across the hall.

He saw Eric chatting with Molly, and the adorable girl was laughing non-stop. Her entire body even shook as she tried to hold back the laughter, in case she infected others around her to do the same.

"Brian is here," Eric announced. He had glanced at the door and saw him enter the place. Molly, who had a radiant smile on her face, changed expressions.

The smile faded quickly, and she bit her lips while looking at the door, before lowering her head.

It annoyed Brian to see Molly's face shift from happy to sad. He strode towards the table and said with scorn, "I thought you were scheduled for rehabilitation training."

"Little Molly's examination is this afternoon. And I have to be with her," Eric said. He kept smiling at her for assurance.

His eyes turned dark, but Brian did his best to keep his expression calm. He looked at Molly, noted her smile had disappeared, and asked, "Why are you still sitting? Are you waiting for an invitation to get up?"

Embarrassed by his words, Molly cursed Brian in her mind. She quickly resolved to ignore Brian and his nasty attitude. The woman hurriedly moved to stand behind Eric's wheelchair and started to turn the chair around to leave the restaurant.

Her action made Eric grin smugly. His satisfa

Someone manipulated the stock market today."

"I see," Brian said. "Whoever did it is decisive and resolute. Don't risk open battles."

There was brief silence, then Harrow replied, "But what happened today will block our entire plan."

"I will take care of it," Brian answered calmly. He heard Harrow take a deep breath.

"Okay, I will see you in Emp," Harrow said.

He checked the time before looking at the examination room again. "No need to wait for me," Brian told Harrow. "Just keep an eye on M Country and Rory."

The order confused Harrow, but he suddenly remembered that Elias arrived earlier today and would be checking on Molly. "Okay," he told his boss.

Brian hung up as Eric said, "If you have something to take care of, you can go. I can stay here with her."

He cast his cousin a dismissive glance and said nothing. Brian continued typing, and lines of codes flashed on his screen.

They waited, and soon the evening sun warmed the hospital with its radiant glow.

Then they heard a bang, and the door to the examination room opened. Brian stopped working, and Eric wheeled himself forward as Elias walked out. "How's everything?" Eric asked.

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