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   Chapter 344 Hope For Molly (Part Two)

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Brusquely, Brian asked, "How irritating is the medicine?" He would have to get used to Brian's deep and low voice that added charm to his strongly defined features. The man, Elias thought, was both attractive and dangerous.

The question, asked so abruptly, caught Elias unaware and the doctor had to compose himself before replying. "The degree of irritation has been lowered to only 10 percent."

When it came to his work and knowledge, Elias became arrogant and confident. Fortunately, Brian respected the change in the doctor's attitude believing that only incapable men would remain humble and modest.

"I hate people who brag," Brian said, looking Elias in the eye. The doctor's demeanor softened a little.

"I am not bragging, but I have faith in my work. The test results back up what I said," he explained eagerly.

"All right," Brian acknowledged. Satisfied with Elias' answer, Brian's eagle eyes somehow softened and put on his usual aloof expression. There was a hint of a smile as he anticipated hearing Molly's voice.

But Elias couldn't shake off his fear of Brian. He knew his life would be dreadful if he ever lied to his boss. Composing himself, Elias now wondered about the patient. After all, Emperor made it a point to pick the doctor up in person, which only proved how important the mystery patient was to him.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant of the Dragon Empire Group's private hospital…

The medical facility in A City was unique, unlike the one in T City, which was not open to outsiders.

Not only was it accessible to people from Dragon Island and employees of the Dragon Empire Group, but was also patronized by known politicians and wealthy businessmen. It was lunchtime, so the restaurant was naturally crowded.

Unlike most cafeterias in public hospitals, the r

uddenly frowned.

'No! I won't!

I will not follow what my father did and let my cousin have everything!'

He shut his eyes to deny the idea immediately.

When Brian reached the ward, there was no one there. He looked around the room then called Eric. "Where are you?" he asked.

"It's lunchtime, where would I be?" Eric retorted testily.

Holding on to his temper, Brian gripped the phone tighter. "I am having lunch with Little Molly," Eric said. "You can have Becky as your company, Little Molly is mine."

The needling infuriated Brian. His face hardened as he clicked the phone off. "Tony, take Elias to prepare the medicine," he ordered, then walked out of the ward.

Elias was unaware of what went on and turned to Tony with questions in his eyes.

While he guessed what happened, Tony didn't give Elias any explanation. "You're going to be very busy in the following days. I don't think it's a good idea for you to meddle in something that is not your business. Plus, it's best for you to stay away from things related to the Emperor," Tony advised.

Something stirred inside Elias. Tony was as dull as Brian, he concluded. But he didn't have the nerve to voice his thoughts.

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