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   Chapter 343 Hope For Molly (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6161

Updated: 2019-03-10 22:10

Tony expertly maneuvered the car out of the mansion while Brian sat inside quietly.

There was still an hour to go before Elias arrived.

Impatiently, Brian checked his watch and asked, "Who is it?"

The question seemingly popped out of nowhere, but Tony knew what his boss meant. He looked at Brian from the rearview mirror and only mentioned the name Rory.

The man in question was busy trying to cover his tracks, but Brian still spotted him. None of Rory's plots ever worked, frankly because nothing in the world could escape the XK Intelligence Agency.

Frowning, Brian looked at Tony through the mirror. "So now anyone can mess with my business?" he said sharply. Even as his heart fluttered, Tony said nothing.

The air suddenly felt heavy inside the confined space of the car, yet it chilled him to the bone. 'Why did it appear as if the boss aimed his warning at him?' Tony thought.

Brian brought out his phone and dialed a number, but hung up a few seconds later. All he heard was a busy tone. "I don't want to see something like this happening again," he told Tony.

"Copy that!" Tony answered with a grin, that was part fear and part relief. One thing Tony knew about Brian was that he could always tell right from wrong. Becky was Becky, and Rory was Rory. He would never go easy on Rory just because he was Becky's father.

But Tony remained confused about one thing.

Carefully, he asked, "Uhmm... Should I inform Miss Yan?" He gripped the steering wheel while waiting for his boss to answer.

"No! I don't want her to know any of these things!" Brian said with finality. He checked his phone again and accidentally clicked on the photos.

It was the picture of two snowmen that popped out, and instantly, he recalled an unpleasant scene. In her bitterness, Molly deleted that picture then smashed her phone

was out of sight.

It was a shock for Elias that Brian personally came to pick him up. So he, who never ran out of things to say, remained silent during the entire drive as he remembered Tony's warning. While there were several questions he was itching to ask Brian, the tension in the car prevented him from talking.

But he did keep stealing glances at Brian. Surprisingly, the mysterious boss was young although Elias couldn't tell this from their conversations over the phone. What he couldn't believe was how such a young guy, supposedly bright and cheerful, could be so aloof and commanding.

Lowering his head, Elias swallowed his discomfort. A few minutes with Brian inside the car gave him the impression he was dangerous. And while the doctor was not awed by Brian's aloofness, it was his authoritative presence, like that of a king, that he dreaded.

Since Brian had been in touch with him, Elias had treated him with reverence mostly because the man was super rich. Every time they spoke over the phone, Brian's arrogant voice and curt manner of speech painted a picture for Elias about his new boss' nature. Finally meeting him in person, Elias didn't expect to feel chills in his bone in Brian's presence.

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