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   Chapter 341 The Contradictory Mind (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7243

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Howard went after Eric the day after he picked Molly up, intending to drive her home. Howard came after him, and he didn't really think Howard had it in him. And why would Howard go after him? After all, his identity was different from Brian's. In their eyes, "Mr. Brian Long" was just a person who ran a casino and controlled the stock market, while he was the representative of Dragon Island's politics. But Howard gave chase anyway, and it culminated in a crash that landed him in a wheelchair.

And he knew well that they were really gunning for Molly. But no matter what he thought about her, he wouldn't allow her to be hurt or kidnapped. Not when she was staying with him, at any rate. The driver of the car that went after him really knew what he was doing, with hairpin turns and feints that Eric fell for. He had to avoid getting run off the road, evade bullets, and protect her at the same time. He couldn't do all that and look after her at the same time, so he gave a blow that knocked her out. He really didn't want her to be scared or anything else, so he did that to keep her safe. He hated hitting her, but it was better than both of them being dead.

Eric chewed on his nail as he came back to reality. With a playful smile on his face, he joked, "So here I was, bored out of my gourd, and now you're here. You and me, here at the same time. It's gotta be fate, right?"

Molly frowned to think of him in the wheelchair. Would he be all right? What if he was hurt so bad he might not recover?

Brian stared at Eric with a gloomy look in his eyes. This was deliberate, showing up now and making him jealous! Brian then turned his attention to Molly, and when he saw the worried look on her face, he thought maybe he should kick Eric out of the ward. She wasn't worried about him when he got a shot trying to save her, but she worried about Eric so much right now, even though Eric told her that he was fine!

Brian conveniently forgot that Molly really was worried about him. That she fussed over his injuries, but he just didn't appreciate it. So the more she worried about Eric, the angrier he got.

"Well, it feels good to have someone care a

his face. He continued, with a frustrated look on his face now, "But why hasn't she been answering me? Doesn't she have her phone? It has nothing to do with the medicine, right? Or am I assuming too much? Where is her phone, anyway?"

Brian was definitely pissed off now, and anyone with half a brain could see why. Eric asked those questions deliberately, and Brian knew it. Eric was a pretty sharp guy, so how could he not notice Molly's reaction when he mentioned her phone?

Brian glanced at Eric, and then shifted his eyes to Molly, who had porridge in her hand, and said in a cold tone, "She's holding the porridge you gave her. How can she answer you now? Telepathy?"

Eric wanted to burst into laughter over his cousin's lame excuse, but he held it in check. He just nodded his head as if he understood Brian's explanation, but there was a different story in his thoughts. 'It looks like Brian's fallen for Molly, and his love for her grows as time goes on.'

Everyone in the ward was consumed with their own thoughts, so Brian's phone ringing brought them back to reality. He looked at Molly, who had put down her porridge and was going to wash up, then he pressed the "answer" button.

"Bri, where are you?" Becky's soft and sweet voice came from the other end of the phone.

"What's wrong?" asked Brian in a calm tone. He didn't answer Becky's question, but he wondered what was going on. He'd almost forgotten about her.

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