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   Chapter 340 The Contradictory Mind (Part One)

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With her eyes blinking, long lashes fluttering like small fans, Molly kept her eyes on Brian. She was awash in a sea of confusion.

Was she still dreaming?

Brian's usually cold face was now soft, his expression was one of love. Molly closed her eyes again.

'This has to be a dream, ' she thought. But the gentle, steamy breath with the familiar fragrance of mint was real enough. She wasn't dreaming.

Out of the blue, Molly opened her eyes again. She blinked away the confusion. Brian was so close to her now that they were practically in each others' arms. She pushed him away quickly, and was ready to do it again should he try anything.

Watching Molly do her thing, Brian was in a playful mood. There was the beginning of a smile on his lips. "Finally awake? How do you feel?"

Palms sweating, Molly stared at and measured Brian with confused eyes. She thought Brian was acting a bit strange. Not only that, where was she? She looked around, and her eyes settled on the logo of the Dragon Empire Group hanging on the wall. That's when she felt really weak and helpless. Why was she in the hospital? Again?

Seeing her confusion, Brian ventured, "I took you here because you took a blow. I wanted to get you some medical attention for your face." Brian's sharp eyes seemed to see through Molly's thoughts. When he saw the marks on her face, Brian couldn't help lowering his brows. He didn't like seeing her like that.

Molly suddenly felt the stinging pain on her cheeks after she heard Brian's explanation. After she cast a sidelong glance at Brian, she turned her head away.

When he saw Molly was still in a fit of pique, Brian said coldly, "You already took your anger out on me! What more do you want? Still angry even after slapping me?"

Molly kept stock still, her muscles tensed as she ignored Brian's words and his very existence.

Brian was actually in a good mood when he saw Molly wake up, but he was irritated by the cold shoulder she offered him. "I should kill you for slapping me last night. Nobody does that to me!"


he easy silence. He remembered the moment strolling in the park with her, holding Molly's hand. This was the kind of tranquility he was searching for then.

While they were enjoying the calm before the storm, the warmth in their hearts, the door to the ward was suddenly pushed open. "Hi Little Molly, I heard you're in the hospital again."

It was Eric! Molly pushed Brian away from her in a panic. She looked up and saw Eric wheeling up to her. He was here too, only in a wheelchair. Brian kept a stony countenance, but you could tell he was really annoyed by this intruder.

Brian pushed himself to a sitting position and got off the bed. Lenny pushed Eric's wheelchair over to the bedside. Brian stared at him. "Didn't the doc tell you to get some rest? What are you doing here?"

"I'm bringing breakfast for Little Molly!" replied Eric, lifting the container. He ignored Brian's exasperated tone. He then looked at Molly, and when he saw the confusion in her eyes, he laughed and shrugged. "I had a race a few days ago, and there was an accident. I'm all good, as long they keep the pain meds well-stocked."

Eric did his best to appear casual and calm, but there was a self-despising look on his face. Everyone in the ward knew what really happened to Eric. He wanted to keep Molly in the dark and not worry her, so his explanation left out some key points.

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