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   Chapter 339 Tension In The Air (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6257

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Justin smiled and said coldly, "Everyone should be prepared to risk their lives for the sake of their country." Justin softened his tone and continued to speak before Rory could interrupt, "I will consider your needs, but remember to never take Brian lightly again. You'd better make no moves without careful planning. If you ruin my plans, even though you are my brother, I will not forgive you."

Justin hung up. He asked Jona, "How is everything going with Howard?"

"Two men dead and two injured," Jona replied.

Justin turned around slowly and said, "This Brian... we underestimated him."

Jona nodded, "Vice president, should we send for the special troop?"

"No," Justin sneered, "The leaders at the top have their own means of doing things. They sent Howard to take care of their business, and I believe that Jonny will be worried. I heard that Jenifer is also in A City?"

"Yes," Jona nodded, "She is with Edgar."

"Huh, she is still dead set on following him," Justin snorted in contempt. In his eyes, people who did things they were not supposed to do for the sake of love were all stupid. "I wonder how Edgar feels about Molly now."

"I'm afraid it's not that simple."

"It's more interesting that way," Justin said and laughed, "Brian, Edgar, Molly and Jenifer..." Justin paused and took out a cigarette. He lit the end and took a puff and then slowly blew out the smoke. "Maybe, we should change the direction of our plan a little bit."

Justin sat back on the sofa. His eyes were focused on the television screen and they twinkled with fresh ideas. Maybe this time, he could not only solve the matters of the past, but also change the current situation between the old and new party.

Justin's lips curved into a cunning smile. Everyone around him were just pawns, pieces he could use to win his game.

As time passed, gambling in the

side table. He dipped a cotton swab in the water and moisturized her lips. He had never done such things before and his movements were awkward. He almost dropped the swab into her mouth several times.

Molly, though she was still unconscious, voraciously licked her moisturized lips with the tip of her pink tongue. Brian inadvertently smiled at the cute movement of her tongue. He wet her lips again and she immediately stuck out her tongue to lick the water. He repeated this over and over again and watched her swallow the little amount of water on her lips. He thought it was kind of funny. He felt a surge of lust from the lower part of his body. The fiery desire claimed the better of him and he couldn't control himself anymore. Stopping his hand in mid-air, he slowly lowered his head and pressed his forehead onto hers. He looked hungrily at her luscious lips and tongue and he knew that he wanted her.

He brought his face closer to hers. Molly's thirsty tongue anxiously moved around searching for more water and Brian lowered her head deeper. Just a moment before Brian could touch her lips, Molly suddenly opened her eyes. She was still in a daze and she looked at Brian's handsome face blankly. Why was his face so close to hers?

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