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   Chapter 338 Tension In The Air (Part Two)

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Brian gently stroke her swollen cheeks with his fingers. She had slapped him out of anger. When the anger was gone, she wept and passed out in his arms. Even when she was unconscious, she still frowned at the pain as he touched her face. Brian's heart ached.

Yes, she blamed him. And she was right in doing so. He should not have made her come back to the Grand Night Casino. Worse, he should not have made her come back to work in such a dangerous situation. He should have locked her up in the cottage, at least she wouldn't have been humiliated again.

"Find out who sent those people," Brian said as he looked affectionately at Molly who was a total mess now. His voice was arctic cold.

"Okay!" Tony replied, as the car arrived at the hospital.

Brian carried Molly out of the car and took her to the doctor. Two hours passed after the doctor had examined her and gave her medication. Brian was struck by mixed feelings as he watched her sleep comfortably and peacefully on the bed after a tensed day. It felt as bitter as goldthread root one moment and as sweet as honey the next. These two different kinds of feelings intertwined in his heart, confusing him. He didn't know what to do with Molly.

She was the first one who had dared to slap him. Twice!

Brian really had the urge to strangle her to death. But at the sight of her swollen face, his eyes softened. He felt a surge of love and pity rise in him.

Tony's phone rang. "Mr. Brian Long, Adele and Melvin are on," Tony said in a low voice.

Brian's eyes were still focused on Molly. He took Molly's hand in his big palm and examined it. Minor scratches were scattered throughout her hand, making her hand look all the more rough. Nevertheless, holding her hand, Brian felt a sense of satisfaction. The feeling was much like... Yes, it was happiness.

Brian frowned slightly. Thinking back about everything that had happened today, he felt annoyed. He narrowed his eyes and qui

Garden Mansions

Justin was sitting on the sofa and watching the nightly news. The news reported that progress had been made on the reform and reconstruction of A City after the new mayor, Edgar, had taken office, but it didn't mention what he would do to get rid of the casinos, the tumor of the city.

Justin smiled disdainfully. The conservative party had sent Edgar to A City to be the mayor, and the title was only the springboard for Edgar to enter the central government. But Edgar had taken his duties seriously and had started the project of urban construction in A City. That was funny.

"Vice president, you have a call," Jona said, handing the cellphone to Justin, "It's your brother."

Justin frowned and took the phone. He answered the call and placed the phone to his ear, "What's up?"

"I want to ask what's your attitude towards Molly." Rory's voice came through from the other end of the line. There was a trace of estrangement in the tone of the conversation.

"What kind of attitude do you expect from me?" Justin stood up and walked to the terrace. He looked up at the dark sky and replied to Rory's question, "There are things which we can't really control, you know."

"But Becky is my only daughter," Rory said indifferently, "You know how important she is to me."

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