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   Chapter 337 Tension In The Air (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6651

Updated: 2019-03-09 13:06

Brian's cheek burnt, and his head turned to one side from the force of the slap.

The master control room fell silent, as everyone held their breath and looked at Molly and Brian in surprise. They didn't dare make any sound, fearing that even a small gasp would lead to a bigger disaster.

Jason and Tony were the most shocked. They stood there dumbfounded, forgetting how to even react. Mr. Brian Long was not a person to be trifled with. They had never seen anyone who would dare slap him, or anyone who even had a chance to get close to him and hurt him. Astonished, the two men exchanged glances and frowned. They couldn't imagine what Molly would have to go through next.

Molly sensed the tension in the air. She felt a burning pain in her palm. It was different from the last time she had slapped him in the car. Previously, she had done it accidentally and in a panic. But this time, she had slapped him on purpose and with all her strength.

Brian slowly turned his face back in her direction, his sideburns slightly trembling and his eyes as ghastly as a ghost. When he finally moved to face her straight, he glared at her with his fierce black eyes. He bit his lip and narrowed his sharp eyes. A devilish light flashed in his eyes and it froze the air around them and sent a shiver down everyone's spine.

Molly stepped back instinctively, but it was only one step backwards.

She shot daggers at him and clenched her hand which had just slapped Brian. She felt a surge of pain from her palm. She had struck him too hard with her hand and there were still small wounds which were caused by the pieces of broken glass. But only with such intense pain could she keep her head clear and tell herself that she should not be afraid. Even though she was a humble woman, she would stand straight, face him, and keep her chin up.

Everyone tensed and the frozen air seemed to take their breath away. Brian had been focusing his intense gaze on Molly, silently. No one dared to p

lt at that moment was the wet tears that were penetrating his chest and it stung his heart.

Doubts filled across the huge room. The atmosphere was overcome with confusion. No one knew what was actually happening. The assistant to the gaffer had an inkling as to what was going on. Molly was Mr. Brian Long's woman and this woman had slapped him. Angry as Mr. Brian Long was, he still loved her. And the assistant to the gaffer clearly knew what this meant. He was done.

As the assistant to the gaffer and several other people's heart sank at the scene, Brian carried Molly in his arms. "Get rid of those men," he said coldly as he left the master control room.

Tony rushed to open the door for him and followed after him. He closed the door behind him to shut out all the whine and howl from inside.

Brian quickened his pace and Tony felt something was amiss. He knew Brian all too well. He immediately pressed the down button on the elevator and went to the parking lot.

"To the hospital," Brian said in a serious tone.

Tony nodded and instantly started the engine. The car left the parking lot and they headed to the Dragon Empire Group Private hospital. Tony glanced at the rear-view mirror to check on Brian. Brian's brows were furrowed and he was gazing at the woman in his arms. Molly had passed out!

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