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   Chapter 336 Frame-Up (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 4502

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Panicked, the two gamblers looked at one another and tried to beat one another to defend themselves. Their scheme was exposed, and they now knew who Brian was. His voice quivering, the fat man explained while pointing to the assistant manager," We were only taking orders from him."

The man in question suddenly went pale. His lips trembled in panic, and he was too terrified to speak clearly. "Mr. Brian Long…" he pleaded. "I am innocent." In his fear, he had forgotten his broken finger. "I also…" the man stopped.

"Don't tell me you're also taking orders from someone else!" His eyes boring into the casino officer, Brian snorted in contempt, and his mouth tilted at the corners. His look was meant to intimidate, and no one in the room dared to look at him. "Don't lie to me! You had the nerve to cheat on our clients while working for me?"

"No, I didn't! I…" Scared to death now, he stammered then stopped.

"And then you had the gall to hit my woman?" Brian was on a roll. He let out an evil laugh. Brian was laughing at himself, but it sounded like he was also laughing at the others. Anyone hearing his laughter would feel threatened. Right now, the feeling was like being trapped in hell. "Don't worry. I'm a fair man, and I believe in justice. Whatever I owe, I always pay it back."

Slowly, he turned to Molly and looked at her

lse, whether they were men or women. But the fact was Brian was cold-hearted and a bully in his own right. And in his heart, she was nothing but a toy. He could play with her whenever he pleased and easily abandon her once he got bored.

The man stepped forward and urged," You can choose to do whatever you wish."

She smiled, but it was a bitter smile that made people feel sad when they saw it. The men in the room waited for Molly's answer. All of a sudden the sound of palm slapping into cheek jolted them. The forceful slap broke the silence inside the room. Everyone who saw what happened was stunned. It was a completely unexpected moment that caught everyone by surprise. It was rare to watch a woman boldly standing up to a man. As everyone else in the room was a man, they felt terrified.

Molly swung her arm wide and slapped Brian so hard in front of everyone to humiliate him.

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