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   Chapter 334 Frame-Up (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5613

Updated: 2019-03-09 00:07

The stubborn expression on Molly's face made the assistant manager even more furious. Because of his broken finger and the excruciating pain he felt, the man vented his anger on the disgraced waitress. Gritting his teeth, he ordered,"Take her out of here and flog her until she admits to her wrongdoing!"

The red and swollen cheek made Brian's blood boil as his dark eyes stared at Molly. He could no longer control his fury and ordered Tony,"Cut their hands off!"

The crowd around them was enjoying the show, and everyone looked forward to what would happen next. However, Brian's order hushed them all and left most shuddering as if the air had frozen. Every customer waited with bated breath. Suddenly a gun was fired, and more shots followed. There was screaming everywhere in the hall.

Everything happened so fast, and before anyone knew what was going on, someone extracted Molly from the clutches of the security personnel.

A now shaking assistant manager asked nervously,"Who…are you?" It never occurred to him that two groups of people would unexpectedly appear and come to Molly's rescue. First, Adele and now this man with a gun. But since he was only an assistant, there was never an occasion to meet Brian. With a gun in his hand, his intimidating aura sent a chill through the assistant's body.

Bullets fired from Tony's gun hit the hands of the guards who had slapped Molly and those who held her still. Staring in horror at their bleeding hands, they now screamed in pain.

Brian's perfect face darkened while staring at Molly. His expression was a mixture of anger and pity, which he could no longer conceal. The marks on her cheek from the slaps she

the details, he said in a deep voice,"Everyone involved in this farce come with me!" He turned to look at the fat man and the cultured gentlemen and snapped,"Including the both of you!"

The two men exchanged worried glances before turning their gaze on the assistant manager. When Brian and Tony appeared in the hall minutes ago, they hardly thought something terrible would happen to them. Now, they clearly understood that if they went with Jason, as ordered, they were doomed.

"Never mind. I have no intention of meddling in your affairs. It must be my unlucky day," the fat man quickly excused himself. All he wanted to do was cash in his chips and leave the casino before it was too late, while the gentleman with him was more than eager to disappear.

Before either one could move, Jason gave a cold smile and said,"You will have your explanation. Then the casino will pay what it owes you. But, you can't leave without being punished," he warned.

After hearing Jason's orders, the security people who were unharmed quickly came forward to escort the two men out of the hall. The rest followed Jason.

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