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   Chapter 333 Frame-Up (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5569

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"It turns out that Mr. Brian Long likes doing the unexpected." There was a hushed silence in the room.

People turned to see who had spoken. They saw a tall woman, with curly hair and fur on her shoulders. While huge sunglasses nearly covered her entire face, her eyes were still visible. The woman's charm was irresistible. A good-looking man followed closely behind her. He stood out because of his golden hair and eyes whose only description was demonic.

"Who… who are you?" the assistant manager sputtered. "How dare… dare you hit me here in Grand… Grand Night Casino!" He was furious as two guards helped him stand up. He looked at the beautiful woman and fumed,"Nobody dares to make trouble at the Grand Night Casino."

As the assistant manager pointed his finger at the lady, her blonde escort reacted swiftly. He grabbed the assistant manager's hand and broke one of his fingers effortlessly. The assistant manager howled in pain.

The blonde man ignored the screaming and turned to his charming companion. "Adele, we should go now. The gambling party will start soon. We better head upstairs," he advised.

His eyes were fixed on Adele as if to say they had more important things to do than rescue some waitress.

Adele heard him and shrugged her elegant shoulders, not at all worried about the delay. She eyed the assistant manager, who was still screaming in pain, and said lazily,"Alec, you're a horrible man." She fluttered her eyelashes and added,"You should be nice to him." Then she laughed.

Her manner of speech and behavior sent chills down the spine of the guards and most people around them. Some began speculating on her identity in

walking towards the elevator. A text message caught his attention. After reading this a few moments later, his expression changed, and he gripped the device more firmly. His steps quickened, and he couldn't wait for the elevator car to arrive, so he took the staircase to the hall as quickly as possible.

Tony was just about to alight from the car when he saw Brian running. Although he had no idea what happened, he quickly followed his master, just in case he needed to take care of something. Just as the elevator door of the car bearing Adele's party closed, the two men entered the hall.

With hawk eyes, Brian scoured the casino's vast interior. He noticed a crowd gathering around the Baccarat table and headed there. Before he was able to push his way through the spectators, someone cried out in pain after being slapped forcefully.

Her face had become numb, and Molly could taste blood in her mouth. But she refused to cry. She even forced a smile on her lips. As Molly was being publicly humiliated, the woman hated herself and considered herself a bane that attracted every kind of problem.

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