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   Chapter 332 Frame-Up (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5588

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"You slut!

How dare you have the nerve to cheat! You are such a bold but stupid woman!" the man bellowed furiously.

Molly was down on the floor after the man knocked her down. Before she could speak or stand up, she groaned in agony from the heavy boot to her stomach and her face now contorted in pain.

"Bloody hell, you shameless bitch!" The fat man squatted, turned over the tray and found a poker card underneath. It was the ace of spades. With bulging eyes, he threw the card at Molly's face. "Don't you dare fool me! That would be a very dumb thing to do, girl!" Breathing heavily, he snarled,"Do you have any idea who I am?"

Bystanders who witnessed the commotion saw the man hurling several other poker cards at the poor woman, but none made a move to stop him.

The crowd murmured while watching the scene unfold. One thing the Grand Night Casino was well known for was its rule regarding cheating. Anyone caught cheating the casino would face severe consequences. And this included employees caught helping to cheat the casino.

"Fuck!" the fat man cursed again. His face now looked even fiercer and uglier. "Now, be a good girl and tell me who you've been helping."

He suddenly pointed to a lean and short patron standing next to him while shouting at him. The poor fellow looked to be cultured and well-educated and was not the object of curious stares.

"Not me!" he said flustered. He threw Molly a bewildered look while trying to defend himself. "I don't even know her," he said.

But while he shook his head, his eyes betrayed him.

Down on the ground, Molly kept herself from screaming because of the painful blow to her

no one will come to your rescue," the assistant manager said menacingly. "You've been working for the Grand Night Casino a long time already, but you remain ignorant of the consequences for the violation of policies."

Already in pain, Molly was stunned by the slapping. The pain was so sharp, and she tasted blood in her mouth that almost made her want to throw up.

Casino customers would never sympathize with cheats. So, they applauded and cheered the assistant manager, believing he had handled the crisis efficiently. On the other hand, the other waiters stared at the finger marks on Molly's face and shuddered.

The assistant manager eyed Molly excitedly, thinking his handling of the situation put him one step closer to being promoted, or even becoming rich. "That should teach her a lesson," he muttered. "She has to know the rules here."

All of a sudden, he was tossed out of the hall. The man screamed like a butchered pig as he landed with a thud on the floor. Everyone present was shocked by what happened. Before anybody could say something, a lazy, and an almost mellow voice spoke up.

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