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   Chapter 331 Moving In (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6283

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"Oh!" Shirley was shocked, looking at Richie with her eyes wide open. She asked,"Is Molly OK?"

Richie did not know whether he should laugh or cry. He asked in a low voice,"Shouldn't you be asking about Brian?"

"Brian can live with a single bullet wound," Shirley said as if she completely forgot the fact that she was worrying about Brian a minute earlier. She asked,"What kind of trouble did Molly get into?"

Richie shook his head, as if he could do nothing about Shirley's swift attitude change. He took his hand from her shoulder, and put it on her back, guiding her forwards, and walking with her. He said,"She has been trouble this whole time."

"But your son got injured because of her." Shirley and Richie were far different people. She asked,"Has Brian ever been hurt thanks to a woman?"

Richie didn't like this at all. Instead, his heart got heavier. He knew too well what could happen when a man got too obsessed with a woman. And of course, there had been no political rift between him and Shirley, like there was between Brian and Molly. And Brian was capable of anything if he got mad enough.

With these thoughts in mind, Richie frowned tightly and said slowly,"I don't like Molly."

Shirley didn't comment back, but simply said,"It's enough that Brian likes her. It's not your business. She can't live her whole life with you!"

"Her whole life?" Richie snorted as he was not optimistic about the relationship between Brian and Molly. It just wasn't that simple. And maybe in the end, they wouldn't be willing to be together. No one had thought of that, either, before they started getting involved.

Shirley was surprised to learn that Richie did not like Molly. But she did not ask why. She always had a firm belief in the power of love. Love could change everything, like what had been between her and Richie. She thought, 'No matter how long t

elt footloose and fancy free this morning, but in fact it was nothing but anger. When she calmed down and thought about it, she realized her anger was due to Brian not believing her, and everyone else helping Becky, framing her as the bad guy.

Keeping this in mind, Molly smiled with bitter self-mockery. She had some empty wine glasses on her tray. She was about to return to the bar counter and to replace them with new ones filled with wine. No matter how she felt, she didn't regret deleting the photo this morning. She didn't want to long for someone that wasn't hers. It was better to end up true to yourself than to keep weeping over the photo. If Brian couldn't be hers, then she needed to just face up to it. It was better to have a quick, sharp wound than one from a blunt instrument that it would take a long time to die from. The sharp wound was the easier one to heal from, right?

While she was thinking about this, Molly was bumped into by someone. She lost her balance, and all at once the sound of chips and glasses falling off the tray onto the floor resounded through the casino. It was a harsh sound, even in the noisy hall.

Before Molly was able to react, she heard someone yelling angrily,"You damn bitch! You're cheating!"

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