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   Chapter 329 Moving In (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6977

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Elias was doing the last experiment in an extremely high-end laboratory when Brian gave him a phone call. Around him were all the hallmarks of the latest tech: automated biomolecular interaction analyzers, a cell harvesting system, biomarker monitors, and various other pieces of equipment and instrumentation.

He picked up the phone excitedly and could not help but boast about what he'd done.

He smiled and said in English,"Emperor, the final phases of the medicine are complete. The product should be ready for testing. As per your requirements, it does the least harm to human body."

"So you're saying I can have it?" Brian was eager too. This was better than he expected. All of a sudden, joyfulness filled his dark black eyes. He wanted to know how quickly he could get his hands on it.

Elias stared with his blue eyes at the pharmacological analysis numbers displayed on the monitor in front of him. With a look of insolent pride, he said arrogantly,"I'm doing the final LADMET analysis, which will be finished in two or three hours at most. Those tests will measure how good it is at its job. Besides, I've booked an airline ticket. I'll be at the airport tomorrow afternoon unless something unexpected happens. And I'll need a ride."

"And you'll have it. Looking forward to meeting you!" Brian said simply while walking upstairs. "See you tomorrow! By the way, you'd better not disappoint me, because I hate being disappointed. Things get complicated when I'm disappointed, and they have a tendency to spin out of control. And we don't want that, do we?" There was more than a hint of menace in Brian's voice.

After saying that, he hung up the phone, without waiting for Elias to respond. There was only one response he wanted anyway, and he didn't have time to wait around for Elias to say it. He walked to his bedroom, put his hand on the doorknob without hesitation and entered the room as soon as the door was opened. He was confident like that. Every action he made was his alone. Becky hung up the phone when he walked in.

"Bri?" Becky asked in a soft voice

ave business on hold for anything, while Becky understood that. Of course, it was possible that now there was a more selfish motive -- to get Brian to pamper her.

The door was closed. Becky lay on the bed weakly and said slowly,"Yoyo, grab John and fetch my luggage from the hotel."

"Ok," Yoyo answered, picked up her bag and heading out of the room. However, she looked at Becky while walking. Before Mr. Brian Long came in, Becky was talking on the phone with someone. She didn't say much, but the conversation made her look sad.. She hung up quickly when Mr. Brian Long came in, like she didn't want him to know about the call.

Yoyo exited from the room in confusion. Despite her curiosity, she knew her duties well. A good caregiver should put the patient's condition first, and not allow anything to distract her. She should also pay attention to things that might affect their health.

Now there was nobody except Becky in the room. She took out her phone and rang up Cindy with the number by experience.

"Becky..." a somewhat tired voice came through the receiver.

Just judging from Cindy's voice, Becky guessed that Cindy might stayed up late last night. They exchanged pleasantries, then Becky said,"You were right, Cindy. I got hurt in front of Brian, and now I'm staying here. I'm in the villa," she paused, and then added slowly,"in his bedroom, on his bed..."

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