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   Chapter 328 Deleted Without Regrets (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6318

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Molly frowned at his response. She wouldn't hesitate to give it back to him. But, to just throw it away like that...

Molly brushed the phone softly with her fingers. Her heart ached at the sight of the two lovely snowmen displayed at the main screen. She opened the album, zoomed in on the photo, and stared at it with a shade of reluctance in her eyes.

Noticing the reluctant look in her eyes, Brian felt quite oddly satisfied. As for the reason why he felt that way, he regarded it as his satisfaction of being able to read Molly's mind.

Molly took a deep breath and then grinded her teeth tightly. In a flash, she deleted the photo from her phone without leaving any chance for herself to regret. Afterwards, she raised her hand and with all her strength, forcefully threw the phone against a wall.

Before Brian could even react from what she did, the phone had already knocked onto the wall heavily and then fell onto the ground.

Brian froze for a second and an extreme fury was suddenly burning in his eyes. He grabbed Molly's arm violently and said in an extremely cold voice,"Well done, well done indeed! I didn't know that you have such a temper."

Molly kept silent. Of course, she couldn't say anything even if she wanted to, nor did she have any means to communicate with Brian now. A sense of relief appeared in Molly's mind. She had been pursuing so many things in the past, but the more efforts she had made to get them, the further they had gone away from her. Now that she would never get what she wanted, then why not just give them all up absolutely?

Molly tried to squirm out of Brian's grip regardless of the pain, but Brian, who was at a fit of rage, wouldn't let her go that easily.

Giving him an angry glare, Molly struggled more violently, but at the same time, Brian also tightened his grip on her arm. Neither of them noticed that blood was alrea

said Brian in a cold and indifferent voice,"I hope that you do not forget your position."

Molly paused for a second, and then she continued to walk forward. She would definitely keep in mind her position in this house. She knew that Brian had kept her there only because he wanted to help her cure her throat and fulfill his promise. All that he had done for her was just out of his arrogance and nothing more. It was time for her to stop deceiving herself and accept the truth.

Molly opened the door and walked into the house. Her figure looked small yet tough. For a moment, Brian didn't move and just stood there thinking, but after a while, he walked towards the house as well.

He had already regained his composure, and no emotion could be seen from his face. The wound on his shoulder was still bleeding, but he didn't mind. As he stepped into the house, he pulled out his phone and called Elias' number. He wanted to cure Molly's throat as soon as possible because he couldn't stand her silent resistance any more!

After Brian's figure disappeared into the house, Lucy stepped out from behind a tree. With an angry and resentful look on her face, she stared at the direction of the house, then pulled out her phone and dialed Becky's number.

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