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   Chapter 327 Deleted Without Regrets (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5733

Updated: 2019-03-07 11:34

Just the other night, he had taken her hand in his and told her that he had been searching for peace of mind. They'd built snowmen because he knew that it would make her happier. Because of the dangerous situation last night, he had asked her to believe that he would never allow anyone to hurt her.

Brian had always been so aloof, proud, and arrogant to her, and that was what she had kept in her mind. But no matter what kind of man he was in her eyes, eventually, it wouldn't even matter. He, just like everyone else, would be on Becky's side and once again, she lost out to that God's favored girl who might be her sister.

"Molly!" Brian shouted agitatedly. He had never expected that Molly would behave like that. Watching her leave away in distress, Brian lost his usual calmness. He couldn't name that mixed feelings of nervousness, anger, and fear, but it seemed as though he was about to lose something important.

Despite Brian's urgent call, Molly didn't stop, nor did she show any hesitation. The tears stopped welling in her eyes, and it seemed that she had gone numb with pain. She felt totally empty inside. Her eyes stared forward blankly, and her feet kept moving automatically. She didn't even think about where she was going, nor did she pay any attention to the sharp gaze from behind.

Blood started to drip out of the wound from her fingers, and they dropped on the pathway paved with cobblestones as she dragged her feet heavily.

She didn't want to break her heart anymore, because nobody would even care to comfort her afterwards. Why would she allow herself to lick her own wound after causing it to bleed over and over again?

She didn't want to hurt herself for someone else's s

don't have other instructions and commands, please allow me to leave now."

Reading the words on the screen, Brian felt instinctively disgusted with Molly's unfamiliar tone and speech. He had called her his servant at the fit of his rage, and she seemed to have taken it too seriously.

A servant living in the room next to his?

And enjoying a free car service every time she went to work?

Could any servant live such a comfortable life?

Still lost in his thoughts, Brian then noticed that Molly was showing him her phone once again, so he looked at the screen.

"There's no need for me to use this phone anymore. Please take it back now."

Guessing that he had finished reading the words, Molly was about to put the phone in his hand when Brian replied coldly,"Well, now that you don't need it any more, you can just throw it away."

After finishing those words, Brian focused his gaze tightly on Molly's face. He knew for sure that Molly wouldn't have the heart to throw the phone away. When she left him before, she hadn't taken anything with her except for the phone, and he bet that it was because of that photo in it.

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