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   Chapter 326 Deleted Without Regrets (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6279

Updated: 2019-03-07 11:15

Sobbing and sniffing, Molly stared at Brian with her red, teary eyes.

During the past month, she had developed different feelings towards this man in front of her.

At first, Molly felt nothing other than fear and grudges to this person but after some time, she gradually developed a feeling of affection towards him. However, she had never felt more unwilling to see his face than at that very moment.

Lisa noticed the fury radiating from Brian's face. She quickly glanced at Molly before explaining,"Mr. Brian Long, Molly didn't do that on purpose. As you have known, Miss Yan can't see anything, and Molly can't speak-"

She discontinued her words and paused when she saw Brian's face slowly darkened. He seemed to be distressed by Lisa's explanation, but Lisa wasn't sure whether it was because of Becky or Molly. Lisa drew a silent sigh, and then grinding her teeth, she continued,"Aside from that-"

Brian's sharp gaze suddenly turned towards Lisa. Seeing this, she couldn't help but swallow what she had to say.

Brian then moved his eyes onto Molly, but Molly didn't meet his eyes, and instead tilted her head intentionally and looked away. She kept her pride, and knowing that it wasn't her fault, she was determined not to yield. Molly thought to herself, 'Blame me all you want! I don't care. After all, I have nothing to fear and nothing to lose. It will be better for me even if you end my life right now, just end this miserable life!'

As Brian saw Molly take her eyes off him and ignore his words, he glared at her with his half-closed eyes and the look on his face grew even darker. He opened his thin lips and said coldly,"I don't have the patience to wait for anyone, and I always make sure those who keep me waiting for them will pay for it."

As he finished those words, he paid another cold glance at Molly before turning around and walking out

g considerate despite what happened so that I will be grateful to him? This is unbelievable!'

With tears brimming in her eyes, Molly put on a bitter smile and moved one more step backwards. Her shoulders drooped as if something was pulled out from her inside. She couldn't understand why Becky was always the one who was supposed to be loved and protected by everyone while she, on the other hand, only got to live on their casual mercies.

She was well aware that Becky was the noble princess, and she was just a poor Cinderella compared to Becky. However, even as a poor Cinderella, she still had her pride and self-respect intact, and she would try her best to protect herself.

Brian's eyebrows knitted imperceptibly. He had planned to teach Molly a serious lesson, but when he stood in front of her, he couldn't bring out the harsh words he had prepared. Seeing her teary face, his restless mind got totally messed up.

Molly sneered as if about to laugh at herself and her unfortunate fate. She stared at Brian with teary eyes, while hatred, sadness, and disappointment were written all over her face. She then turned around and dragged her legs to walk back. Her thin figure bathed in the sun, which looked extremely lonely and fragile.

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