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   Chapter 325 Painful Memories (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6567

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Brian picked Becky up, so Molly could see the piece of glass in her calf. And now her fright was more than mere terror, it froze her soul. She scraped a fingernail across another finger repeatedly in fear, and her first reaction was to look at Brian. The voice in her head was a constant refrain: 'I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to.'

Brian stared Molly with stone cold eyes without a word. The look in his eyes was like ice, cold and sharp like a knife. His gaze made Molly step back, frightened. She nearly tripped and fell to the ground. She just shook her head non-stop and bit down on her lip harshly. Brian's cold gaze pierced deep into her heart like an arrow. She felt heartbroken all of a sudden. She could almost hear the sound of her heart breaking.

"What's wrong with you? Call the doctor!" Brian just instructed acidly, then walked upstairs with Becky in his arms, who was still whimpering in pain.

Molly's eyelids fluttered. She could not even think straight anymore. She felt a lump form in her throat as she whispered in her head again and again, 'I didn't mean to... It was an accident...'

Lisa looked at Molly and sighed under her breath. Then she hurriedly went to call the doctor. After she hung up, she cleaned the juice and pieces of glass on the floor. A whisk broom and dustpan took care of the glass, and a mop got all the juice. After all that, she then asked Molly, who seemed a bit calmer now,"Molly, are you okay?"

Molly stood there, very still, like a statue. She replayed the scene in her head, Brian's glacial gaze, carrying Becky in his arms and retreating from sight. She could see it in Brian's eyes -- he didn't believe it was an accident. Drawing a deep breath, Molly held back her tears and shook her head.

A voice sounded from the doorway. A breeze blew in through the open door, bringing a faint smell of flowers. "Where is Miss Yan?"

Lisa turned and looked at Yoyo, holding a bunch of lilie

a girl as good and kind as you will definitely find happiness someday."

Lisa whispered the soft words into Molly's ear, making her cry even louder. She hadn't felt a mother's love for over twenty years. She hadn't even realized what she was missing. Ironically, she felt it now from Lisa, whom she'd only known for a little over a month. And to her surprise, Lisa trusted her. And it was enough for Molly to want to cry her eyes out in front of the woman. She really needed to let it all out.

Molly didn't know how long she'd been crying on Lisa's shoulder. The moment she saw Brian walk in, she hurriedly threw off Lisa's arms and stood stock still, terror in her eyes. She wiped her tears on her sleeve in haste. She didn't want Brian to see her so vulnerable like this.

It was clear that Lisa didn't imagine Brian would be here, either. But she was much calmer than Molly. "Mr. Long, do you need anything?"

Brian's eyebrows slightly furrowed when he glanced at Molly. Then he said to Lisa in a deadpan tone,"The doctor said that Becky shouldn't eat harsh or spicy foods for a few days. So make sure to prepare some light meals for her."

"Of course," Lisa answered.

Brian squinted his eyes, looking at the tear stains on Molly's face. Then he ordered in a cold tone,"As for you, get out!"

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