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   Chapter 324 Painful Memories (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5654

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"Yeah. And Mr. Long seems to like her. A lot." Lucy acted all childlike and innocent. But secretly, she was enjoying the reaction she was getting from Becky. She might get her drama after all. "There was a snowstorm the other day, and Mr. Long even built a snowman with Molly in the middle of the night."

Lucy paid close attention to Becky's facial expressions when she spoke. And when she saw Becky was clearly not happy about what she said, she added even more fuel to the fire. "Molly took off once, and hoped to leave for good. But Mr, Long brought her back here. I don't know why. He maintains she's a maid, but her bedroom is right next to his, and she doesn't really have much to do. Not very maid-like."

Becky's breath came in short gasps when she heard Lucy's words. Red-faced, she clenched her hands into tight fists, and trembled as she gritted her teeth. Then she opened her mouth again, but she couldn't even get the words out properly. "Brian... Last night, Brian..."

"Last night he went out with Molly. No clue where though, or what they did. But dad went to pick them up and brought them back here." Lucy chose her words carefully, deliberately leaving out other parts of the story. She felt elated to see Becky now. The girl was practically shaking with fury, and Lucy was extremely happy about it.

'Hey, Molly. Now that Becky's back, where will you go? You can't stay here now. So, wanna bet me how many days he'll let you stay here before you get kicked out?' Lucy thought viciously.

Right when she had this thought, Molly came out of the kitchen with a glass of orange juice in her hand. Lucy then told Becky,"Miss Yan, Molly has your juice." After a second she

s, they could hear the thump thump of his feet as he rushed to Becky's rescue.

From the rattled look on Molly's face, you could tell she was terrified. Not only that, she didn't mean to do it. Brian's voice just made her go pale again, and stiffen in fear. Before she knew it, he grabbed her arm and pushed her away. She had to work to steady herself -- he'd pushed too hard.

Brian knelt down in front of Becky. He looked at the juice that stained her clothes and a frown appeared on his face. "Becky!"

She could hear Brian's words and feel his big hand on her shoulder. Her eyes reddened and tears began to form. "Brian, it hurts!"

Brian looked down and found that there was not only orange juice on her, but blood as well. That's when he noticed the small pieces of glass embedded in Becky's hands. His face went solemn. He took her in his arms and was about to get to his feet. But as soon as his hand touched her leg, she cried in pain again.

Brian's black eyes darkened even more. He looked down and found a piece of glass digging into Becky's calf. There was a lot of blood and it stained her clothing red.

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