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   Chapter 323 Painful Memories (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6064

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Molly raised her head and looked at Becky with surprise and confusion in her eyes. Why didn't Becky recognize her? Perhaps she meant nothing in Becky's eyes, so she didn't even remember her at all. She didn't know the answer. All she knew is that this person was a rival for Brian's affection. And the thought that she wasn't as worthy of Brian's love as Becky made her blood freeze in her veins.

Lisa glanced at Molly, then answered Becky's question with a smile that an employee would save for her master. An insincere smile at best, but enough to mollify a boss. "She's the new maid that Mr. Long hired."

"Yeah?" Becky furrowed her eyebrows, looking a bit confused. "I thought Brian didn't like hiring new people?"

There was a trace of mockery in her voice. And before Lisa could say anything else, Becky opened her mouth again. "What kind of person is she?"

As soon as Becky's question came out, Molly clenched her hands into tight fists, and Lisa was confused. Why would Becky ask such a question? Molly couldn't understand why Becky was acting like she wasn't here at all. What did she want? This was confusing and outrageous!

"Mom," Lucy interrupted, when she saw their confusion. She then said slowly,"Miss Yan has a retina infection. She's...uh...blind." She wasn't really comfortable saying it, and she wasn't sure how Becky would take it.

Lisa again had that worried expression that lined her face. She looked carefully at Becky again, with eyes full of disbelief. "Oh God. I'm sorry. How did it happen?" she asked tentatively.

As she recalled, Becky's eyes were probably her best feature -- so beautiful and energetic. No wonder her eyes looked now a bit duller than they used to be. They were not as clear as they were before. What a shame. While Lisa was pondering this, Molly widene

ed. Now she looked cold and calculating. She slowly and carefully took a seat on the sofa. She'd only been here a few times, but her memory of the place was clear. She knew the layout of the villa well. Brian was a very serious and conservative man who didn't like change. His furniture was laid out to his tastes and he never changed it.

But here, sitting on the sofa, the fabric she was touching made her frown. It felt wrong somehow... Wait. It was leather before, right? Why did he replace it with this one?

"Lucy," Becky said, no longer interested in the sofa. "Who the hell is Molly?"

Lucy quickly glanced at the kitchen, then directed her gaze to the study upstairs. She said slowly,"She used to be a bed warmer for Mr. Long, and now she's a maid."

"A bed warmer?" Becky didn't like that title at all. She was even furious when she heard it. She knew that Molly was not just a maid, especially when she heard there was a new woman living here. But she had always thought that maybe it was Brian, up to his old tricks. Like maybe starting that rumor so Becky would want to move in with him, if only to keep an eye on him. She was so sure that Brian would never get involved with that woman.

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