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   Chapter 322 Painful Memories (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5706

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After the driver dropped Becky off at the villa, she dismissed him.

Becky then bade Yoyo to ring the bell for her.

Lucy walked over to the gate and opened it.

"Miss Yan?" Lucy's mouth dropped in surprise. But she shook it off. Why was she here? If Becky were able to see, she would have known that Lucy was actually quite delighted to see her here. It showed in her eyes.

Becky didn't have to see to know who she was talking to. She was still quite familiar with John's family. She recognized Lucy's voice right away. "Hi Lucy, is Brian here?"

"Yeah, I believe Mr. Long is still around." Lucy welcomed Becky inside the gate. "He got home last night, and I haven't seen him leave yet." As they were talking, Lucy saw something about Becky that she hadn't noticed before. Becky seemed to be led by Yoyo, who guided her around the gate, ensuring she didn't bump into it. Lucy stared at Becky's eyes and asked in a very small and hesitant voice,"Your eyes...they..."

Becky just smiled gently and hid the sadness she felt every time someone brought it up. "Retinal infection. I'm blind, for now..." She trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

"How did it happen?" Lucy's forehead wrinkled, but she got no reply. She didn't press her for details. "Does Mr. Long know?"

Becky just nodded while she gently bit her lip. Suddenly, she paused, standing there, marshaling her courage. She couldn't help but ask Lucy the question that had been on her mind for a long time. "Lucy, who lives here? Is there someone else here?"

"What?" Lucy was confused at first. But she saw the look on Becky's face and her hesitance, and figured it out quickly. Lucy was sharp. "Yeah. I get it. There's a young l


"Don't call me sister! I don't have a sister like you. You're as bad as your mom!"

The memories were like torture, and she couldn't stop them.

Molly's eyes flickered and her lips trembled. She shook from the horror of it. She stared at Becky, wanting so badly to run away from here, from the woman standing here. But it seemed that her feet were glued to the ground. She couldn't move even if she wanted to.

It was all so awkward with Molly's frightened stare and Becky's silence. Lisa looked at Becky, then turned her head to glance at Molly. She could tell that Molly was shivering. She couldn't help but walk to stand beside her and said to her,"Molly, be a dear and check if the soup is ready. It's in the kitchen."

Becky heard Lisa too. That was why she turned her head in Molly's direction.When Molly saw that Becky look her way, her hands became cold all of a sudden. She wanted so badly to leave. But her legs felt too heavy to move. So she just stood there, still, trying to will her body to move.

"Molly? Lisa, who's Molly?" Becky asked in a gentle voice. She tilted her head, looking quite confused.

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