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   Chapter 321 Conflict! A Strange Feeling (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7315

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She was screaming with joy inside her head. 'He did not delete it! Yes! He kept the photo in her phone.' But why was she so emotional last night?

Running her fingers gently on the picture, she smiled through red-rimmed eyes. It was a bitter smile but one that gave her a glimmer of hope. No one would ever know her secret.


Becky was enjoying the sunlight while seated at the hotel's terrace. She sat quietly like a picture.

Yoyo set the breakfast prepared by the hotel on the table and looked at Becky. She sighed inwardly, admiring how beautiful the woman looked at this very moment. "Breakfast is ready, Miss Yan," she announced.

There was no response. There was a faraway look in Becky's eyes although she saw nothing. The woman drew her gaze back and replied distantly,"Wait a moment."

Brian promised to come to the hotel after he finished work last night, but he never came. He gave his word only to break them.

Anticipating his arrival, Becky waited and waited and waited the whole night. Her heart slowly sank as it grew late. She wondered if he changed his mind. Then it crossed her mind that he might have accompanied Molly last night.

It twisted her heart to think this was the case, and could not help but feel hurt. As the depressing feeling gnawed at her, she clutched the edge of her clothes, and her white face became even paler.

Looking at her patient, Yoyo worried. She was merely a nurse. If Becky said to wait a moment, then she could not be forced to have breakfast. So she stood there, waiting how long that moment would last. As the minutes ticked to hours, the warm sun was slowly rising higher. The morning chill was gone.

But Becky kept waiting, and as she did her heart sank more. He didn't come last night, and he wasn't present for breakfast either. He never even bothered to call.

Finally, Becky laughed at herself. Taking a deep breath, she stood up slowly. Yoyo rushed to her side to assist her. She asked,"Would you like to eat something now, Miss Yan?"

The nurse saw Becky smile lightly and nod. Yoyo noted how remarkably serene she acted today. As the woman sat at the table, Yoyo warmed her milk and passed her the bread

e number! But how could he do that?

After realizing what Brian did, Molly became so angry. The woman huffed in disgust and turned to glare at the second-floor study. Without being aware of it, she was now gripping her the phone so tightly.


She jumped at the sound of something slamming from behind. Molly turned around to see Lucy running inside. Lisa followed her with a tray of fruits. She cautioned Lucy about how to behave while in the house. "You can't be running in here! Why are you in such a hurry?" Lisa demanded.

Lucy glared at Lisa and hardly gave Molly a glance. But she asked her mother,"Where is Mr. Brian Long, Mom?"

"He's busy right now and does not wish to be disturbed by anyone," Lisa replied.

Eyebrows raised at the reply. But Lucy persisted,"I'm sure that anyone you mentioned does not include Miss Yan."

At Lucy's words, Molly's heart began to pound so loudly that it nearly deafened her. A clueless Lisa inquired,"Miss Yan? Miss Yan, who?"

"Becky Yan!" Lucy said aloud, while looking at Molly, who was dumbfounded. Seeing Molly looking so shocked pleased Lucy enormously. She declared,"Miss Yan is here."

At that moment, the door opened, and Yoyo walked in with Becky. The color drained from Molly's face, and her heart seemed to stop beating. She sat transfixed as Becky, assisted by Yoyo, slowly made her way towards her. Molly suddenly had a hard time breathing as she recalled one painful memory.

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