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   Chapter 320 Conflict! A Strange Feeling (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7032

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It was thickly covered with blood. The doctor carefully cleaned the wound and dressed it with medicated gauze and surgical tape. During the entire procedure, no emotion registered on Brian's face. He was careful to mask any pain or discomfort he felt at that time. The doctor treated him efficiently even though privately, his thoughts were about how aloof the patient was and how strict he was, particularly with himself.

After completing the surgery, the physician cleaned up and put away his tools then listed down what was needed to help in the healing. Brian said nothing, and there was no indication he paid any attention to the orders. The doctor sensed Brian was already in a bad mood and decided to make a hasty exit. He bowed before the patient then left the villa.

"You can also go and have a rest," Brian told John. He remembered the soiled seat cover and ordered John,"Get the sofa changed tomorrow."

"Yes, I will do that," a worried John replied. As concerned as he was about Brian, John knew how stubborn his master was. He would only disregard anything John said, even if it was good for him. Since there was nothing he could say or do, John took his leave.

Alone now, Brian sat quietly on the sofa, his eyes glued to the expansive sky outside his window. He saw stars twinkling in the dark sky like they were eyes blinking. It was a beautiful sight that could get people drunk during a peaceful and silent night.

He sat there calm and distant, soaking in the feeling. His black eyes, seemingly ready to spar, grew sharper gradually and became even darker. It was as if his eyes were like the night sky with glittering stars that appeared to be dancing.

After what seemed like hours, the nerves in his muscles suddenly trembled and there was a prickly feeling in his arms. He frowned again and stared out the window before taking out Molly's phone from his pocket. One long finger slid on the screen and unlocked the phone. A picture jumped at him and filled the screen. It was a photo of the cute snow couple, with one wearing Molly's hat and scarf, the other his tie.


arth generously.

As she opened her eyes, Molly felt her head pounding as if it was ready to explode. Her eyes were dry and were sore from all the crying she did the night before. She tried hard to open her eyes fully and was frustrated when she couldn't. They were very swollen after a whole night of tears and resembled those of a goldfish.

She let out a deep sigh and managed to sit up even as her entire body ached. Molly quickly surveyed her surroundings and wondered how she got in bed when she remembered huddling in the corner until she fell asleep. Then she saw the phone on the bedside table. A lump suddenly formed in her throat as she looked at the phone. She took a deep breath, swallowed then reached out for it, her eyes full of sorrow.

She swiped the screen to unlock the phone. Molly knew Brian would have deleted the photo of the snowmen in the phone, but held a little hope that it would still be there.

When the screen lit up and the snowmen photo popped out, Molly gasped in surprise. She opened her eyes wide to see if she was only imagining things and felt pain due to the sudden movement. She couldn't believe it was still there. Molly hurriedly checked the album and confirmed it was real. He did not delete the photo even though in her heart, she believed he would do it last night. She felt tears burning in her eyes. He didn't, and that was completely unexpected.

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